STACK-ON PS-1520 Gun Safe Review

STACK-ON PS-1520 Gun SafeLots of Americans love guns and finding for a safe specifically made for guns is as much of a pleasure as finding for a gun itself. Especially American men — even when just discussing about guns, weapons and shooting, they get so excited. For most of these guys, the next best thing to buying a gun or a gun safe is reading good and reliable reviews about them.

And speaking of reviews, this article has some words to say about the STACK-ON PS-1520 Gun Safe — about is size size, locks, other features as well as its affordability. Is this safe a good one to own? Let’s find out:

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  • 3-point lock
  • Great design
  • Coded cylinder lock
  • Adequate size
  • Affordable
  • Can be bolted down


  • You will only get to store handguns and pistols here

Special features

Coded cylinder lock

Coded cylinder locks are sometimes called Euro locks and you get a key cut in a very specific way. First you’ll type in your personal 3-8 digit number on the keypad. Then you insert your key into the hole and it comes into contact with a plug. Just like electrical equipment plugs fit into the mains, the plug inside a coded cylinder lock fits into your key. It’ll come down and perfectly align with your key’s specific cut. This is called the “shear point” if anyone’s interested. Then when the key turns, a lever unbolts the lock. You get two spare keys with this model.  Cylinder lock makes drilling difficult because you can’t get into the springs very easily.

3-point locking

What is 3-point locking and how secure it is? A 3-point locking is when you get three bolts that lock. One is at the bottom of the door, one is in the middle and one at the top.

There’s a tube connecting all of these to the entry point, so that when you turn your key all three will unbolt at once. It helps further protect against drilling because any home invader would have to drill at three points in order to access the safe. This takes time and burglars won’t have a lot of time trying to open the safe before the police arrives.


The structure and design are probably this safe’s biggest weakness. With a lot of effort and some time, the front could be forced open.

It’s not going to be easy and there are two concealed hinges making the act of prying all the more difficult. It can however be done, despite the steel design. As implied before, burglars will have a difficult time drilling this safe due to 3-point lock, but with the opening on this safe at the bottom, it opens some room to get a crowbar in for prying to take place. While not exactly a durable safe, it doesn’t also cost you $300. It’s less than $150 so you have to consider this pricing as well in relation to its structure.


The dimensions of this safe are 13.58 inches by 12.83 inches by 19.53 inches so you will store up to about seven pistols and handguns in here. Good enough space, but if you store more guns, you will need a bigger gun safe.

Can a thief take this safe with them?

You can bolt this safe to the floor so most thieves will just leave it. It can also be bolted to a wall or to shelves. Bolts for this come with the safe and there are holes in the front corners so floor bolting is easy. A bit of disadvantage though is that you need to pre-drill holes in the back if you want to wall-mount it. Bolting down is recommended for absolute security.


The size is just okay; not really a “gun safe” but it’s more of a “pistol safe.” If you own up to seven pistols and handguns to store then you’ll have enough space. But if you want more space then you’ll be able to take out the shelves. The safe gets good points for its locking system, with a good 3-point lock which deters drilling, and the cylinder lock with key which hides the spring further damaging the prospects of successful drilling. It can be forced though because of the design and the structure so it is not exactly a durable and reliable gun safe if you want to keep your precious weapons there all the time.

Despite the cons, the Stack-On safe is good though and it can be bolted down. For $120, this safe is worth the purchase. Not as strong as $400 safes, but stronger than most in this price range.