Simplex 900 Keyless Entry Lock

Simplex 900 Keyless Entry LockThe simplex 900 is a residential keyless entry deadbolt style lock. These are common secondary locks on residential doors throughout the United States.

The 900 series is available in several different models.

  1. Spring Bolt deadlocking with latch hold back feature.
  2. Spring Bolt deadlocking without latch hold back feature.
  3. Spring Bolt non-deadlocking with latch hold back feature.
  4. Dead Bolt with manual bolt throw.

Deadlocking basically means that it can not be “jimmied” open with a credit card.

The latch hold back feature allows you to lock the latch in the withdrawn position so you can enter and exit without dealing with the lock. This is great when you have company coming and going for the holidays.

Opening the lock is an easy process. When the correct combination is entered the inside mechanism will release and allow you to turn the centre thumb turn and withdraw the spring loaded latch or deadbolt. Some of the locks will automatically relock and some you will need to lock manually after you close the door.

This type of Simplex has been around for years and is still available online and at locksmiths throughout the United States.


Single access code—one easy to manage code for all users Lock is easily programmed via keypad without removing lock from the door Field reversible latch; invert the lock for right hand doors; roman numerals are easily read in either orientation.

Locking Device Options:

Deadbolt — 1″ throw, manual relock Deadlocking latch — 5/8″ throw, with automatic relock Operation Mode Options Single credential—access Latch holdback—keeps latch retracted to allow access with combination (select models)

Satin Brass Satin Chrome

Certification and Standards:
Highly weather resistant

1-year warranty