Should Women Use Self-Defense Batons?

In today’s world, when more and more women are countering incidents of sexual assaults daily, the expandable self-defense batons are becoming requisite. We live in a society where women face security threats several times and in several ways, and to fight such situations, self-defense batons are introduced. A number of different self-defense batons are available on the market, and many women keep these batons with them too.

What is a Self-Defense Baton?

What is a Self-Defense BatonThe concept of a baton is not new; it has been a long time since law enforcement agencies have been using batons worldwide. These batons are usually made of wood, plastic, rubber, or even metal too. Batons are long cylindrical sticks; you might have seen one in a police officer’s hand too.

There are different types of self-defense batons available on the market, but the telescopic self-defense batons or collapsible self-defense batons are the most famous and useful ones. These batons are the most suitable ones for women and also for the general public.

Is it Okay for Women to Keep/Use Self-Defense Batons?

Is it Okay for Women to Keep-Use Self-Defense Batons

As explained earlier, most women become the victims of muggings and sexual assaults because they are easy prey for the beasts. In today’s imperfect world, self-defense training and weapons can build confidence and a sense of security in women. These skills and weapons allow women to move freely. Although it might not completely end the problems women face, women can be at more peace when they know how and with what they can defend themselves.

So, keeping and using a self-defense baton is not just a need but a necessity. It might not make sense for everyone, but women must be concerned because only the victim knows the importance of self-defense.

Why Choose an Expandable Self-Defense Baton Over a Gun?

There is nothing wrong with getting a gun for self-defense, but there are some problems with keeping a gun. Firstly, a gun is not helpful in hand-to-hand combat, and in such a situation, people usually end up injuring themselves or someone else. Secondly, guns are not safe to keep at home; if there are kids in your house, we would advise you not to keep a gun there. Such a weapon, if handled without care, can cause severe injury and even death.

On the other hand, a self-defense baton can help in a close-up physical hand to hand combat and is also quite safe to be kept at home, especially when you have kids. These collapsible batons can easily fit in a purse, and it’s easier to conceal them. Moreover, a self-defense baton is a non-lethal defense weapon because it allows the victim to attack the arms, legs, or back of the attacker in a situation where life is not threatened, but self-defense is necessary. A person can also hit the attacker’s head in order to save her/his or someone’s life. There are many other benefits of a self-defense baton, which include the following:

  • Unlike guns and firearms, you do not need a license or permit to keep a self-defense baton.
  • Batons, unlike other self-defense weapons, are very easy to use.
  • Other small weapons in some situations do not frighten the attacker, but the baton with its deterring quality can frighten an attacker because nobody likes to be hit in the wrong places.

Now, most of you must be thinking about the best self-defense batons or weapons. Let us make this easier for you; following is a list of some of the best telescopic self-defense weapons available on the market:

1. ASP Telescopic Batons

Armament Systems & Procedures provides their customers with a very impressive and durable collection of collapsible batons. There are three batons that are manufactured by ASP, which are worth mentioning.

  • The Talon Infinity 50cm
  • Friction Loc Baton 21”
  • Agent Infinity Concealable Baton 40cm

These batons are made from 4140 steel, and they consist of only a limited number of moveable parts and strong vector grip due to their textured handle. ASP batons can be opened easily just by swinging the handle of the baton in the air forcibly.

ASP manufactures batons that are friction-lock in design and can be easily used by women for self-defense. These batons being collapsible, are easily concealed and can fit in a purse or a bag. In short, when it comes to self-defense, these batons can be life saviors.

2. Smith & Wesson Heat Treated Collapsible Baton

Best known for their firearms, Smith & Wesson also offer collapsible batons. Their Heat treated collapsible baton is equipped with a comfortable foam handle, and like ASP batons, it is also a friction lock baton. This telescopic baton comes in different sizes of 16”, 21”, 24” and 26”.

The combination of aluminum tubing and steel makes this baton lighter and easier to carry. It might not be an ideal baton for police and law enforcement forces, but it surely is a good choice for women to protect themselves.

3. Monadnock Auto Lock Baton Patrol Kit

This collapsible baton comes in two types of grips, a foam grip, and the fluted rubber super grip. Both of these grips make this baton easier and comfortable to hold and carry.

The special Auto-Lock system makes sure that the baton doesn’t close when jabbed, and the button located in its Hindi cap helps in closing it easily. The kit consists of a polycarbonate front draw holster, and the color choice is yours; either you can for a basket weave pattern or plain black.

The specially designed rotating shafts of this collapsible baton help prevent the length of the baton from being caught by an attacker so that you can always keep a hold of it and fight the attacker.

This baton beholds another very interesting feature: the power safety tip, which is heavy and is weighted for the mere reason of adding mass and strength to your strikes. Although this baton, when bought in the kit, comes in the size of 22” but the baton, Holster, and the Hindi cap can also be bought separately. When the baton is purchased separately, it comes in various sizes of 16”, 18”, 22” and 26”.

4. COLD STEEL Self-Defense Baton

This easy-to-use and lightweight baton is the only self-defense tool that women need. You can easily put it into your bag or tie it to your belt if you are wearing pants. This baton by the trusted COLD STEEL  is made of a high-impact plastic core and over-molded with foam and enhanced with another layer of Polypropylene.

Self-defense Batons – A Great Tool for Women Security

There is no doubt that a self-defense baton is handy and easier to use, but it is still a weapon and must be handled carefully. No matter which baton you get for yourself, it is necessary to get training about how to use it. Practicing how to use a baton does not mean that you swing it in the air a few times and you are ready to use it, but it means that you need to learn about the spots of the human body that should be attacked with a baton in order to save yourself.

One must practice regularly with a training baton because this is how you can improve muscle memory and techniques. If you want the best, non-lethal self-defense tool, a baton is an excellent choice one can go for.