Which Self Defense Keychain Will Save Your Life?

NOTE: This information is provided as general advice only.

A self defense keychain has one huge advantage over other self defense devices – it is always with you! Why carry a stun gun in your purse, a personal alarm in your pocket or a baton on you hip when you can have your choice of defenses with you when you need it on your keychain? If you are like most people then you carry your keys with you everywhere you go every day. Why worry about remembering to grab your self defense equipment when you could use a self defense keychain that is connected to your keys.

Below are some of the most innovative keychains currently available.

Pepper Spray KeychainWildfire 18% Pepper Spray

There are many self defense sprays on the market today that come in a keychain size, but this one is HOT..HOT…..HOT! This spray is so hot it nearly breaks the SHU scale at 2 million scoville heat units. The outer plastic casing comes in blue, black and red.

Kubaton Keychain

Kubaton Key-Chain

These are cheap, light and very effective if used properly. These are great for pressure points or jabbing in the eyes or throat. You can find Kubatons in all different colors and in most cases you can find the them with a pointed end and flat ends.


Heart Attack Self Defense Keychain

The Heart Attack Keychain

This is a very unique keychain. Made of light weight plastic and very light, this is like a legal pair of brass knuckles attached to your keychain. This device is only available in black, but it will serve it’s purpose when you need it.

Personal Alarm Keychain

KC-45 Personal Alarm

The KC-45 combines the two best deterrents against attack–a 125db alarm and a flashing light. A hidden disarm switch ensures that only the owner can deactivate the alarm. Personal alarms are legal everywhere so you don’t need to worry about restrictions when purchasing this self defense keychain.