Self Defense Equipment For Your Peace Of Mind

Cell phone stun guns and super hot red pepper self defense spray. In addition to this equipment there is now taser guns which act as the ultimate in self defence weapons.

Perhaps the most economic and effective device for self defense is the common self defense spray. These sprays can disable an individual at up to 15 feet away and can cost as little as $10. When taking cost and effectiveness into mind, this is the best choice.

If money is not a concern, the most effective and interesting device is your best bet for self defense. Check out our TASERS for sale page to check current factory direct pricing.

These unique self defense weapons can disable an attacker at up to 15 feet and it turns into a back up stun gun if you miss your target. These units have become much smaller and can easily fit into a purse or glove box.

You may also want to look into the expandable baton and and some of the more dangerous self defense devices available.

Some people either don’t want to use a device that can harm another in any way or for some reason can not carry the self defense devices that are made for personal protection. For these people a personal alarm may be the best form of self defense.

For a “always available” self defense device, look into self defense keychains. No need to remember these as they are always with you “as long as you don’t forget your keys”!

If you want to learn to defense yourself without the use of self defense equipment you can get started at self defense videos.