SCS Wireless Spy Camera with Digital Wi-Fi IP Signal, Recording and Remote Internet Access Article

SCS Wireless Spy Camera with Digital Wi-Fi IP SignalBefore going further into specifics, first of all the SCS Wireless Spy Camera is not available for MAC, so woe to MAC users.

Anyway… wireless spy camera is touted by SCS as an affordable, functional and simple solution to your home security needs. It’s basically a camera hidden inside of a motion detector. So burglars and home invaders are going to be fooled by this nifty piece of gadget.

The manufacturer says that this gadget is easy to set up and pretty much anyone could operate it. Is it worth buying? We’ll find it out here.

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  • Very easy set-up
  • Great mobile access
  • Good motion sensor
  • Superb pictures at 720p
  • Completely free to use


  • Self-monitored


So the set-up is just like they said it was — it’s very easy. Here’s what you do. You place the camera wherever you want inside the house. Then you turn on the power and voila, it connects with your laptop, tablet, phone or whatever other tech gadget you have.

Next, install its mobile app because this is what you’ll be using to monitor your home. That’s it. You are up and running.

What exactly does SCS wireless camera do now when I’m online?

Once you’ve got the set-up done, you can record any footage you want onto your home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If you want to record everything in 24 hours, go ahead.

With a good and stable Internet you can record, and it doesn’t matter where you are — yes, even if you’re from the other side of the world.

As long as you got the Internet up and running, you can go to the app, and view what the camera is seeing inside your home, in real time.

You can record from far away too. Readings from the motion sensor will also be available you to 24 hours a day wherever you are. The streaming is fast and you’ll get updates sent to your phone if an alarm goes off. You can even schedule recordings ahead of time and record in low light.

So what’s the catch?

The SCS Wireless Spy Camera’s disadvantage is that it is not right for everybody. It’s self-monitored so don’t expect the private security center to call the police for, or watch the readings for you.

An alert will be sent to you if someone breaks in and sets off the motion sensor but it’s your responsibility to respond. If you fail to notice the alert because you are busy doing something else, then you miss it for certain.

So make sure you look at all your alerts. If you do that you’ll be fine. So, on these self-monitored systems the emphasis is on you to act. If you’re not comfortable with that then you’d probably be better with a monitored surveillance system, but of course expect yourself to pay a monthly fee for that.

Picture quality

You’re getting superb pictures here with 720p. That’s a really good picture quality for the money, and the images displayed are very detailed. They appear to be strong, crisp and full of vibrancy. There is an IR filter which basically allows you to switch over to night vision. It should be pointed out that its night vision isn’t as clear as the images you’ll be viewing during the day, but it rarely is. You’ll find on most models there’s a discrepancy like this. In addition, you must switch over to night vision manually, because there’s no automatic switch over. This means you’ll have to be online, go to the app and do the switch over yourself.


You can add up to 32 more cameras and sensors. Many think that this is what many people will be buying it for: to act as a base from which to build a quality mobile security system.

Motion sensor

Overall, the motion sensor is simple but good. You will access it on the same app you access the camera footage on. It’s very responsive but it doesn’t have a wide grid so it’ll be good enough for two rooms. You’d place it by the front door and if anyone does come break-in then you’ll receive an alert. It’s easy to turn off and on so you will avoid false alarms.

Just do a quick run-through of the basics with everyone in the house so they know how to turn it off. You don’t want alerts every time the kids come home from school.


While nothing is new in SCS Wireless Spy Camera, it is affordable and worth the purchase.

The 720p camera is certainly the biggest surprise that this gadget brings, considering the price. You usually won’t get a picture this good with the kind of ease of operation you get here, for under $200.

The motion sensor works well and will respond to break-ins. There are also opportunities for expansion and the mobile capabilities are excellent. You will be able to view, monitor and record from anywhere in the world provided that you have an Internet connection. The streaming is so fast too. The catch, again, is that it is self-monitored so the responsibility to act in an emergency is yours.