Gun Safes

Amsec RF6528 Premium Gun Safe

Gun safes come in many forms with many options. Some firearms safes can be purchased as low as $100 while others demand top dollar and run as high as $10,000. We have separated this page into several sections. The primary factors determining the price of one of these safes are size and quality. Both size and quality can vary greatly from one safe to the next.

Sentry G1459E 14 Gun Safe


Small Economy Gun Safes (Holds 20 guns or less and under $500)
In the lower end of this category you will find gun cabinets. These range as low as $100 and are basically a thin metal box made to keep people from accessing the firearms inside. These usually provide minimal security and can be opened in a short period of time with basic tools. Most gun cabinets use a basic key lock, basic combination lock or a basic electronic lock to keep the safe secure. Brands such as First Alert, Sentry and Stack-On lead the market on low end rifle safes and gun cabinets. These companies also sell a slightly higher end safes.


Diamond Back GS5922LE 30 Min Fireproof 16 Gun Safe


Small Mid Range Gun Safes (Hold less than 20 Guns and cost $500 – $1000)
These are a very popular safe as many offer OK security and OK fire protection. These usually offer 30 minutes to 1 hour of fire protection. The fireproofing us usually poured into a shell made of 2 sheets of thin metal. This is more secure than the single sheet of metal found in a gun cabinet. Some of these safes have a thicker door up to 1/4 inch plate steel and the fireproofing material and boltwork are located behind the plate. Brands such as Diamond Back Safes, Mesa, Stack-On, Sentry, AMSEC, Gardall, Browning and Cannon all build safes in this price range. Some of these are a very good safe that I would feel comfortable purchasing myself.


AMSEC SF5924 16 Gun Fireproof Safe


Small High End Gun Safes (Hold Less than 20 Guns and cost over $1000)
These safes are top quality and offer superb security and fire protection. Many times these safes have 1-2 hours of fire protection and offer additional security features such as a glass relocker, very good hard plate, extra thick bolts and added security in the door and body. Some of the more popular of these safes include AMSEC, Browning, Cannon and Liberty safe (Liberty not generally found online).


Cannon S21 Fireproof 24 Gun Safe


Large Economy Gun Safes (Hold over 20 Guns and cost less than $1000)
There are many available in this range that are 22-30 guns. Manufacturers include Diamond Back, Cannon, Stack-On, Mesa, Browning and some others. These will feature lower end components which you sacrifice for size and price. You will not get all the “bells & whistles”, but you will get a safe.




AMSEC SF6030 28 Gun Fireproof Gun Safe


Large Mid Range Gun Safes (Hold over 20 Guns and cost $1000 – $2000)
If you need a large safe, but are on a budget – these safes will offer many of the features you want at a reasonable price. Safe such as Diamond Back, AMSEC, Browning, Mesa and Cannon will be found in this category. These are generally of good quality and offer security and fire protection that are reasonable.



AMSEC BF7250 Large 90 Min Fireproof 48 Gun Safe


Large High End Gun Safes (Hold over 20 Guns and Cost over $2000)
These are the largest and the best safes you can purchase. Most avid hunters and firearms collectors would strive to purchase a safe in this category. Expect to find UL rated high security body and doors, UL rated fire protection for 2 hours or more, premium components, velvet interiors with drawers as options. These are the best of the best and include AMSEC RF SF and BF Series, Browning Platinum Plus Series, Cannon C35 C30 and C2. Liberty and a few other manufacturers also have safes of high quality and large size.

The most important thing when considering a safe is to find one that works for your needs and budget. You can find the same safe at as much as 30% cheaper from one website to another and you can almost always find a safe shipped to you from an online source at a much lower price than purchasing it locally. If you do purchase the safe locally you have a few advantages. You can feel and operate the safe before you purchase it if you find a local safe dealer. Try asking for free delivery and installation when dealing directly with a local vendor. With online dealers you should be able to find free shipping on most safes in addition to the lower prices.

Check out this video by Liberty Safes. It shows the difference between a lower end economy safe and a high end (liberty) safe.