Reset A TSA Luggage Lock

NOTE: This information is provided as general advice only.

Have a black TSA luggage lock and need to reset the combination?

We can not promise that these instructions will work for your lock, but give them a try.

1. Set the combination to the existing code. If you never set a code, set it to 0000.

2. Pull out the shackle and turn it 180 degrees or half way around. Push the shackle (metal U shaped)into the lock housing.

3. While holding the shackle in, turn it 90 degrees.

4. Turn the numbers to the desired new combination.

5. Turn the shackle back to 180 degrees as seen in step #2.

6. Pull the shackle out from the housing and then turn it back the the original position (180 degrees).

7. Test the settings by pushing in on the shackle. If you push it in it should NOT lock. If you push it in and it does lock, the combination is not reset. If you push it in and turn the numbers, the lock should lock. Give your new code a try then pull out on the shackle.

Good Luck