Motion Detector PIR Hidden Camera Review

NOTE: This information is provided as general advice only and all local laws should be consulted for using these devices.

PIR Hidden Camera

Initially I purchased just two of the Cameras back in 2008 and a DVR to record everything the cameras caught. This item is made to look like a PIR detector for an alarm system. Most business and many homes have these (for an alarm system, not hidden cameras) and you never even notice them tucked in the corners. I liked them so much I ended up purchasing 2 more!

As far as hidden cameras go, these are one of the lowest cost wired hidden cameras. I spent a little over $100 each when I purchased my first few. I have a total of 4 of these currently in use and several other surveillance cameras including 2 outdoor weatherproof surveillance cameras.

The picture provided from these is color and is very clear on my monitors and the 55″ Vizeo TV I have it showing on. I placed my PIR hidden cameras in the top corners of the main rooms and the cameras capture nearly everything in the room with the exception of about 5 feet directly below the camera. If placed in corners that are not used (over a cabinet, fish tank, desk, etc.) you should be able to see everything that happens in the room. The only time I can not see what is happening in a room is in very low light or total darkness. The camera does have a function that it changes to black and white in low light so it can see better, but it can not see past a certain point when the light is very low.

Installation of the motion detector PIR hidden camera was pretty easy because I have an unfinished attic. I just drilled a hole up through the ceiling in the very corner where I planned to place the camera. I then ran pre-made surveillance cable down through the hole to connect the cameras. I placed the DVR in a closet on the top shelf and cut a 1″ hole in the ceiling. I ran the cables from the camera down the 1″ hole and into the DVR. To provide the power for the cameras I used the 12V power adapters that came with the cameras. I plugged them into a power strip and into the power connector of the cable running to the cameras. Adjusting the cameras was easy as they came on a ball pivot base.

I purchased a lower end Q-See DVR and it seems to work fine with these cameras. I have had the DVR for several years and so far so good.

If you are looking for a covert of just non-intrusive hidden camera to go in your home or business this may be just the right thing for you. These PIR hidden cameras are a low cost and easy to install product that so far are holding up and keeping their picture very well.

That is it for the Motion Detector Hidden Camera review. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have.