Overview of the Major Home Security Companies

All of us need safety and protection for our home and we want nothing but the best. In the home security market, many are those providers of Event Security Services that promise you the best offerings, but we believe it’s always relative. The company that is the trusted choice of most homeowners may not provide the best offers for your home. Even the top rated home security system gadgets that are the latest and most advanced now can be quickly replaced by better ones that will be developed tomorrow. That is why you need to check out various and latest home security system reviews and get more information as possible, because home security is an important investment.

To help you choose the right home security system for your household’s needs and preferences, here’s an overview of some of the biggest home security companies providing services all over the country, as well as some notable reviews about them:


This is the largest and most well-known home security system company, and probably the only one you’re familiar with on the list. Boasting of more than 140 years of experience, ADT is almost synonymous with home security. It is the company trusted by many, with more than 6.4 million customers in the US alone. It provides electronic security, fire protection and other alarm monitoring services for commercial and residential purposes in 35 countries.

ADT’s premier remote security system, the ADT Pulse, makes use of mobile integration technology what lets you control the security system with a smartphone and other web-enabled device anywhere and anytime. You can also use voice commands to control many aspects of your home. Once your voice is authenticated, you can arm and disarm your system, lock and unlock doors and turn lights on and off. Now, ADT is offering the ADT Pulse with Amazon Alexa for a voice-controlled smart home security.

ADT has six monitoring centers – four in US and two in Canada, so in case of an outage at one location, you can be sure that another monitoring station would be there for you during an emergency. According to ADT, it was able to answer 19 million alarm signals per year – a record that no other company has measured up to. It offers some of the best response times as compared to other home security companies. Of course, this type of service comes with 24/7 phone and email support.

The company boasts of many great benefits. You will be provided a quick installation, plus same-day installation is available in many regions. Their Theft Protection Guarantee could pay up to $500 of the home owner’s insurance deductible. They also have a Mover’s Package Guarantee that will help you save a lot of money on installing your security system in a new home. It allows you to get a new system for free and to but additional hardware, but it is only offered for customers with at least two years subscription.

However, ADT’s systems are fully installed by professionals – it doesn’t offer DIY or self-install option. Some critics say that their equipment looks bulky and out of style. You also need to pay monthly warranty fee. And once you decide to avail of their offerings, you would be bound to sign long contracts with no trial period.

Frontpoint2. Frontpoint

Rated by Reviews.com as the best in customer support, Frontpoint receives a lot of positive feedback – it proudly claims that 96% of their new customers would recommend it to a friend. Frontpoint calls itself “the industry leader in smiles,” making a guarantee that their sales representative would intently listen to your safety concerns and recommend to you helpful, specific suggestions. They would talk to you with a consultative approach without any pushy or aggressive sales tactics, calling it the Frontpoint experience.

Unlike ADT, Frontpoint offers a fully DIY installation and setup process, so you will not be paying any installation fees. You will be given a link to a personalized mobile website that will help you walk through each step of the installation process. An installer technician would assist you by phone should there be any problems or questions. Equipment comes pre-programmed and customized; plus, it’s easy to install. You don’t need any drills and you don’t need to figure out how to place wirings since they offer a peel-and-stick process, making it easy to place equipment anywhere without causing any damage. Plus, you are entitled to a 30-day, risk-free trial.

Frontpoint’s biggest advantage is that their system relies on 100% wireless and cellular connections, which means your equipment would still work even in power outages. Also, you will be rest assured that there would be no hidden charges, and the staff are very clear about their pricing for equipment, cancellation fees, etc. To add to that, they will not restart your contract if you would move, as they would continue your contract term from where you left off.

One of their notable offerings is its Crash and Smash protection. Usually, monitoring centers are notified if a burglar triggers a sensor, but with this feature, the authorities can still be notified even if a burglar would trip or destroy a sensor or the control panel to disable the system.

The downside to Frontpoint is that it is not available in areas without cellular reception. They also offer just 3 years of equipment warranty, which is shorter than most companies.

3. Vivintvivint

With Vivint, http://vivint.security, you can have the smartest home in your neighborhood. The company, formerly known as APX Alarm Security Solutions, is a smart home services provider giving home automation and security systems to more than one million customers in US and Canada. Vivint is known for its top-of-the-line home security technology and ease of use gadgets.

Vivint is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced home security company, giving hands-free voice control features for locks, lights thermostat and small appliances. Their equipment is sleeker than most of home security systems’ offerings. It brings automation to a whole new level, now that it can also learn and react to your habits so that they can do it on their own through the SkyControl panel feature. Its special features also make use of cool gadgets such as doorbell cameras, Amazon Echo, Ping Camera, Element Thermostat, 24/7 video recording, LCD touchscreen with mobile access and smart locks. Plus, Vivint’s mobile app is also considered by many as the most-user friendly app they have seen.

Vivint is also committed to providing energy-efficient equipment. They monitor your thermostat and help you conserve energy and lower your electricity bill. You can also be assured that they got your back once any of your equipment malfunctions with their lifetime warranty.

With their high-tech equipment, don’t expect for a low fee. Upfront payment for the equipment would be around $550, depending on the plan and added features, and monthly monitoring costs are pricier than other companies’. But they offer a flexible payment scheme with Vivint Flex Pay, where costs could vary since you can build your own package. You can test their services for a mere three-day trial period, and if you decide to enter a contract, be ready to settle in for a long time since their contracts range from 5 to five years. If you want to unlock a month-to-month contract, settle in a five-year contract first.     

Link Interactive4. Link Interactive

Link Interactive comes with the slogan “Protect What Matters Most.” To do so, they offer user-friendly security with cost-efficient value most homeowners would like. Link Interactive allows customers to build their own security package that best suits their needs. They boast of their central station monitoring and reliable cellular-based system, which are helpful if you are in dire situations. DIY installation is fairly easy and you can be confident of their good service with their 30-day money back guarantee.

The company partners with Alarm.com to provide Z-wave enabled services that learn and adapt to your habits. It also utilizes Alarm.com’s Crash and Smash Protection that would keep you safe and backed up even if an intruder would try to disable your alarm system by destroying your control panel. Link Interactive is also using a highly accredited monitoring center as its provider to assure you of an excellent monitoring service. They don’t only provide monitoring against home intrusions but also safety against fire, carbon monoxide, extreme temperature and other environmental and medical emergencies.

Another impressive advantage with Link Interactive is that they have a Takeover Program, which allows you to use some of your old security equipment with its system. You can avoid the high cost of buying new equipment and reinstalling everything once you switch from another security system to Link Interactive’s. But of course, restrictions apply since not all devices are compatible with their system.

Because of their DIY security feature, you cannot avail a professional installation option. Also, their equipment warranty lasts only for 3 years.

Protect America5. Protect America

Protect America is providing home security services since 1992, and it has reached more than 500,000 households. This company is committed to 24/7 security monitoring and bringing the lowest price guarantees. Purchasing a home security system often costs hundreds of bucks upfront, but with Protect America, you can get one of the most trusted home security solutions even if you’re on a budget. For as low as $19.99 a month, you can have the essential security monitoring your household needs, given that you have a landline connection. It’s truly one of the lowest home security system deals available in the market. Of course, you can upgrade if you want a more reliable connection and better equipment.

The company offers five different home security plans to choose from, which are all customizable so that you can get exactly what you want while maintaining affordability. You can select from three monitoring options: landline, cellular and broadband. However, the fact that they are not using cellular monitoring in all of their plans is a downside, since the cellular option is the most reliable.

If you aren’t sure what you want to get, then it would be useful to consult a representative. They offer DIY installations, but you can also get professional installation services if needed. Plus, you are secured with their lifetime equipment warranty.

One of their best features is the vehicle tracking capabilities, which other companies do not offer. Protect America knows that we need to secure not only our homes, but our cars too. Their GPS tracking device lets you know where your car is all the time – perfect for those prot