See Outside with an Outdoor Hidden Camera

NOTE: This information is provided as general advice only and all local laws should be consulted for using these devices.

An outdoor hidden camera is one of the coolest devices ever invented. You have all the best features packed into one exterior hidden camera device.

Outdoor spy cameras are made just to be used outside. Don’t try using a standard hidden camera outdoors. The result will be a totally ruined camera and a waste of money. Cameras made to be used outdoors are protected from the elements so water, humidity, sun, snow and other harsh conditions have no negative effects. Setting up a professional exterior weatherproof camera will keep an eye on what is happening outside your home or business without anyone knowing.

Exterior hidden cameras can come in several different types. The newest and most advanced include an internal DVR which will record to an SD card.

One great thing about these (units with an SD card) is how easy they are to use. Some of them have a 1 year standby battery and will only record when motion is detected which will save a ton of time reviewing video and space on your SD card. When an event happens that you need to review, just pop out the hidden SD card and place in your computer or the provided SD card reader to view recent motion activated events.

Here are some of the best outdoor hidden cameras available

Rock Outdoor Hidden Camera

Rock Outdoor Weatherproof Hidden CameraMy favorite outdoor spy camera is the rock hidden camera. This looks like a standard rock, but it includes a motion activated weatherproof hidden cameras & SD card DVR that will record everything in front of it. The newest model comes with night vision so you can see at night, outdoors in complete darkness.

Bird House Exterior Hidden Camera

BirdHouse Outdoor Hidden CameraThe bird house is a great hidden camera that will record at nearly any height without looking odd. It is weatherproof and made to be used outdoors. The only problem is wind if it is not attached firmly. You may even get some covert pictures of birds?

Mailbox Exterior Hidden Camera

Mailbox Outdoor Hidden CameraAnother great hidden camera is the mailbox camera. Just replace your current porch mailbox with this one and keep an eye on anyone in that area without them knowing. Built in SD card recorder and up to 20 hours of recording with a standby time of 1 year. This is perfect to watch your front or side door and best of all, nobody will ever know.