What You Should Look For In A Self Defense Knife

Looking for a knife for self defense if very different from looking for a knife for every day use. A knife that is going to be used for self defense needs to be easy to handle, one that you can use with confidence, and one that won’t break on you. A good self defense knife will protect you when you get in a fight, not make it harder. Finally, a good self defense knife will feel natural in your hand, making it easy for you to use it when needed.

A Knife That Doesn’t Slip

The most common mistake that people make when buying a knife is going for one that looks pretty over one that actually has more function. Too often people get knives without a good grip that will allow the hand to slip over the blade.

This is obviously an issues as you will end up cutting your hand and could actually do more damage to yourself than your attacker. Find a knife with a comfortable grip that doesn’t allow your hand to slip up or down when simulating basic use.

A Knife With A Good Weight

A knife that is too light won’t give you confidence of movement and a knife that is too heavy will slow down your strikes. Find a knife that has a weight your are comfortable with and that you feel you can wield with ease. Don’t be afraid to try several different weights to see which one is right for you. This also applies to making sure that a knife is well balanced as a well balanced knife does the majority of the work for you.

An Easy To Conceal Knife

A knife for protection doesn’t do you much good if your attacker can see it and plan for it to be used. Pick a knife you can easily carry in your pocket or purse but can also get to quickly. Don’t get something so small it will be useless. One move should be all you need to open your knife which is why fully automatic knives is a popular choice.

Strong Quality Materials

Make sure that knife you select is made from high quality materials and is going to last. Avoid knives with shiny plating and designs that do nothing to improve the blade. Aluminum and similar cheap materials will break, sometimes leaving the blade in your attacker and leaving you defenseless. When in double look for a knife with heavy duty steel and stainless steel components to ensure that it won’t break, rust, or cause issues when you need it the most.

No-one wants to have to use a knife in self defense, but if you ever need to the knife needs to work. High quality materials, craftsmanship, and weight will help you keep control of your knife and protect yourself to the fullest extent of the law.

Make sure to get comfortable with the knife you plan to use so you won’t be easily disarmed and will be able to open it quickly when confronted. Make sure to keep your knives clean and store them in a dry place to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.