Is an Office Safe the Best Choice for You?

Cobalt SS-045 2 Hour Fireproof Office Safe

An office safe provides both security and fire protection for the contents of the safe. These safes can range from fairly small to huge double door units. Most of these run from $400 up to about $7000, depending on the brand and size. In the higher price range the safes are usually huge and have a double door configuration made to keep a lot of items safe.

Most fireproof offic safes offer 2 hours of fire protection and decent security. These are by no means somewhere you would place the family jewels, but it will be difficult and take some time to get the safe open without power tools. This type of safe commonly utilize a standard lock footprint and have a group II UL rated lock installed. Most companies offer an electronic lock as an option and it also shold be UL rated.

Brands such as Cobalt, Mesa, Hollon, Sentry and Fire King all offer safes that would fall into this category. Good things to look for are 2 hours of UL rated fire protection, a warranty of 2+ years and solid construction.