Non-Lethal Self Defense Tools for Women

Physical and sexual attacks on women can occur at any time. A woman becomes an easy and vulnerable target of predators especially when she is alone – whether she is walking in the streets at night, returning to her car at the parking lot after shopping or withdrawing cash at the ATM.

However – as hard as it may seem to swallow – the number of incidents of rape and physical abuse occurs mostly at home. While it usually happens to women suffering domestic abuse, it can also happen to women living alone and independently.

Such assaults towards women are slowly but steadily on the rise every year. In the US, rape cases crept up to 90,000 in 2015. If you break down these numbers, it means that there are 10 to 12 rape incidents that happen every hour of every day.

To say that these facts and numbers are enough to make any woman upset, is an understatement – the increase of such incidents is alarming and frightening indeed. Ask a lot of women around, and you will realize they are getting fed up with having to walk home alone in the evening, not without tightly clutching their handbags close to their chests or car keys between their fingers.

With the slow but steady rise of such incidents, more women are taking steps to protect themselves against any anticipated attack. Many of them have begun signing up for martial arts classes or taking up boxing.

Others even get themselves a handgun – you cannot blame some women who choose guns as a security measure against violent crime, as long as they are responsible with them.However, not everyone may decide that a gun is the right choice as a self-defense measure. There are alternatives that are effective in disabling your assailant without potentially killing or seriously injuring yourself (and possibly other bystanders if they get to the scene). These non-lethal self-defense weapons have been proven to be effective and comfortable for most women to carry.

Where to Buy
Tactical knife or dagger
Stun gun
Pepper spray or mace
Personal safety alarm


1. Tactical knife or dagger

Some of the best self-defense weapons for women are concealed as innocuous-looking items such as a comb, a hairbrush or a pen, that is why a lot of women are confident in carrying them in their purse or handbag.

Your attacker would mistake it as a harmless-looking beauty accessory; little do they know until only at the last second that your hairbrush or comb is actually concealing a sharp weapon. Stabbing your attacker at close range is even better than pulling the trigger at him from a distance. You have more control in targeting those “weak spots” of your attacker, such as the neck or groin. Choose a knife that measures at least three inches – long enough to protect yourself and long enough to inflict damage.

2. Stun gun

A stun gun is another popular self-defense weapon for women. Like many other self-defense tools, a stun gun works best at close range. A stun gun’s electrical shock will completely disorient your attacker, as long as the weapon’s contact is close enough to bring him to intense pain. It is also easy to carry.

3. Taser

A taser is another popular self-defense weapon recommended for women. It is even better than a stun gun because, unlike a stun gun that only causes intense pain, a taser can shut down an entire nervous system, effectively incapacitating your assailant. It is also easy to carry and can be concealed as a cute-looking key chain, lipstick, a fake cellphone or a portable flashlight (which in itself is also effective in distracting your attacker).

4. Pepper spray or mace

A lot of women like to carry a pepper spray, and little wonder: it is quick, easy to use and carry, inexpensive, and most of all, very effective. Just a short fine mist of it is enough to cause extreme eye irritation on your attacker. The effect lasts long enough to blind your assailant, giving you ample chance to get away. Another reason why many women like to carry pepper sprays is that they can be camouflaged as everyday items such as a lipstick or a mascara.

5. Personal safety alarm

There are times when you need other people to help you when you are under attack. But in order for anyone to come to your rescue, first you have to let them know that you are in trouble. Thanks to advanced technology, personal safety alarms are now considered effective self-defense devices.  These personal safety alarms mostly come in the form of cute key chains or something that attaches to your lanyard. This is ideal especially for college students walking around the campus.

Small as they appear, but these personal safety alarms can emit a sound as loud as 130 decibels, loud enough in deterring attackers and in alerting other people or law enforcement officers to come to your help. However, do not rely on the personal safety alarm alone as a weapon to defend yourself with. Rather, use it as a secondary weapon and arm yourself with another different tool, just to be sure.