Problems Finding a Nanny Camera with Audio?

NOTE: This information is provided as general advice only and all local laws should be consulted for using these devices.

Many people come to me looking for a nanny camera with audio. You may be having a problem finding a hidden camera with audio if you are in the United States. Federal wiretap laws make it hard to sell and produce such items. If a hidden camera is portable and meant to be carried with you while in use, they are usually allowed to have audio. There has recently been manufacturers popping up that are including audio in their hidden cameras that plug in. You should want to check with local law enforcement or a lawyer before purchasing one of these items.

There are several types of hidden camera that have audio including alarm clocks, pens, smoke detectors and PIR motion detectors. Most of these hidden cameras have built in motion detection which will help save the battery. Check out our audio in a hidden camera page for more info on the law and hidden cameras with audio. Here are a few of the Hidden Cameras With Audio we have found that may meet your needs.

Pen hidden camera with audio

The pen hidden camera is a simple and affordable unit that is great for portable and short term use. This pen unscrews in the middle to reveal two separate parts. The bottom is the pen part and is a real pen. The top of the camera and when unscrewed you will find a USB connection that can be used with any USB computer. After you captured your images and audio you just plug it into a computer to view the recording. It is easy to use and provides great audio and video for the cost of the unit.

Alarm Clock Nanny Camera with Audio

The alarm clock hidden camera is one of the most popular hidden cameras. People seem to like alarm clock models. Very few alarm clock nanny cams also include audio, but there are a few that do. One of the smaller models uses a built in rechargeable battery and includes motion detection. The battery will last up to 12 hours and the SD card can handle more than 2 hours of video. When on the motion detection mode you may be able to set it and forget it. The other model we have seen on the market surprised us as it is a plug in model. It is a lot more expensive and can handle up to a 32GB SD card which will provide many hours of recording. It also has a motion detection setting so you can set it and forget it.

Alarm PIR Motion Detector Hidden Camera With Audio

These are one of my favorite items. The real alarm PIR motion detectors are found in millions of homes and businesses across America so they fit right in. The PIR detectors also have a huge advantage as they are usually mounted high in a corner of a room so you get the entire room on camera. These have a cable for power so you will likely need a hole in your ceiling or wall to run power, but the real PIRs also have wires in most situations. These come with a remote so you just hit record when your ready.

Smoke Detector Nanny Camera with Audio

This is also a great item. You will need to put a hole in the ceiling and run a wire for the 12V power to a power supply. This item can record for up to 64 hours and only record when motion is detected. Since a smoke alarm can be installed on the ceiling in the middle of the room you should not miss a thing. This is also operated by a remote and the SD card is easily accessed when you need it.

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera With Audio