Schlage Door Locks

Schlage Door LocksThe best Schlage door locks, schlage door knobs and Schlage electronics are effective and an economical solution to your home security. Moreover, high-quality padlocks are also a must-have to keep your valuables at home more secure all the time.

Schlage locksets and door locks provide a bit more security in general than a comparable Kwikset lockset. Schlage locks utilize 10 depths in their pinning while Kwikset only utilizes 7. This makes the locks more difficult to pick and provides more possible key combinations making it less likely someone else will have the same key.

Back in 1927 Walter Schlage and Charles Kendrick started Schlage and made it the company it is today. A few years prior to the two getting together Walter Schlage invented the first lock that utilized a push button to lock the door. When Charles Kendrick took over in 1927 as president, the company really took off and became the Schlage we all now know.

Schlage Door Locks

Schlage Door Knobs Schlage Door Knobs

Schlage door knobs can be found on a huge number of households in the US. The picture to the left is the Schlage Plymouth and is one of their most popular styles. Schlage door knobs come in many different styles and finishes including the most popular, brass. Schlage door knobs can be purchased from about $5 to about $150 depending on the series, finish and features.

Schlage Deadbolts Schlage Deadbolts

Schlage deadbolts are decent locks used on many homes. Most Schlage deadbolt locks have a high brass content making them a good lock for the price. There are many different types of deadbolt made by Schlage. Schlage’s standard deadbolts can be purchased for as low as $10 while their highest quality “maximum security” deadbolt can cost as much as $130.

Schlage makes a single cylinder deadbolt and a double cylinder deadbolt. The single cylinder uses a key on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. A double cylinder deadbolt requires the use of a key on both sides and is commonly used when windows are near the lock to prevent someone from breaking the window and opening the door. Keep in mind that double cylinder deadbolts would not allow you to exit the building during a fire unless you have a key and have caused fatalities for this reason.

Schlage Handleset Schlage Handleset

Schlage handlesets are some of the most elegant of the Schlage door locks. Handlesets are great upgrades for your door over the use of a standard knob and deadbolt. These handlesets create great appeal and the appearance of high end door hardware.

Most handlesets have two components, the first is usually a lever or thumb button on the outside which operates a latch toward the bottom of the handleset. In most cases this part of the handleset does not lock. The security of the door is usually in the deadbolt which is located toward the top of the handleset. In some cases they are part of a single unit while in other handleset options the entire unit is within one escutcheon plate. On the inside you may have a key or thumb operated deadbolt on top and a knob or lever to withdraw the unsecured latch below the deadbolt.

Schlage handlesets come in many designs and finishes. You can find these handlesets ranging in price from about $60 up to $300 for the higher quality and higher security setups.

Schlage Link Door Lock Schlage Link

The Schlage Link is the most advanced of the schlage electronic locks. The Link is a Z-Wave compatible device meaning that it can be controlled remotely. When properly set up, the Schlage link can be operated by any internet enabled computer or most smart phones from anywhere in the world.

With the Schlage Link you have the ability to see which codes have been used and when, add or delete codes or check the status of your Link Schlage door locks. The system can also work with lights and other Z-Wave devices to provide home security and automation from anywhere in the world. Schlage Link comes in deadbolts and lever units and are available in many finishes. A Schlage Link Starter Kit will run you from $150 to about $400 depending on finish, type of lock and where you purchase it.

The Schlage Link also works as an electronic door lock using buttons and a code to open your door. Enter the correct code and the door unlocks allowing you to turn the handle and get in.

If you don’t need to control your lock remotely, you can purchase a standard Schlage electronic lock. Find out more below.

Schlage Electronics Schlage Electronics

Schlage Electronic are one of the most useful and convenient schlage door locks you can put on your door. Just enter your code and the lock unlocks allowing you to turn the lever/thumb turn and open the door. The keypad lights up if you touch any button and codes are easily programmed. The batteries in the Schlage electronics last a long time depending one use. I have one on my front and back door and love these units. I have changed the batteries only once in three years and we use one of the locks on a daily basis.

The Schlage Electronics include both deadbolt models and “lever” models. As with all locks, the deadbolt will provide more security as it has more “bite” into the frame. These locks come in several different styles and finishes and range in price from $100 up to $300 for the models attached to a schlage handleset. Commercial Schlage Electronic Locks can cost upwards of $1000 per lock.