Medeco Locks

Medeco LocksMedeco locks are amoung the most secure high security locks in the world. Installing a Medeco3 cylinder on your home will provide unsurpassed security for your family and valuables.

Medeco locks started as a small tool and die company named Mechanical Development Company. Mechanical Development Company was out of Salem Virginia and was started in 1968.

The employees of the company developed and patented keys with angled cuts and rotating pins which provided a security level above anything available at that time. Since then the company became Medeco and developed numerous different utility patents on keys and high security cylinders. Medeco now produces some of the most secure and high quality locks in the world.

Medeco Logic Key

Medeco locks can be used in residential door applications to provide superb security against drilling, bumping, picking and nearly any other form of lock defeat. By putting a Medeco lock or Medeco cylinders on your door you are ensuring you have secured your home and taken every step to protect your family.

There are several different types of cylinders and keys Medeco offers from mechanical keys and cylinders to electro mechanical keys and cylinders that can be programmed for different users.

In a residential situation the cost involved in the more advanced Medeco cylinder cannot be justified. For this reason we will only cover the more affordable Medeco locks that are ideal for high security residential use.

If you are interested in the more advanced and costly Medeco lock solutions, please visit our Medeco High Security Lock page.

Medeco Keys


For residential security the only lock system I would suggest is the Medeco3 system. With Medeco3 you have 4 primary benefits you don’t have with standard locks, keys and cylinders.

1. Pick Resistance – Medeco3 cylinders are near impossible to pick even for the best locksmiths in America.

2. Bump Resistance – The design of Medeco3 pins, keys and cylinders make them very bump resistant.

3. Drill Resistance – Medeco designed Medeco3 cylinders with special anti-drill material strategically located in vital areas of the cylinder. This makes drilling a Medeco3 cylinder a very difficult task and will likely prove impossible to the average burglar.

4. Key Control – With Medeco3 systems you receive a key that has a patent until 2021. This means only specified locksmiths are able to get the keys. In order to get a key copied you need identification so only you can get a new key. If you lend out a key, you don’t have to worry about copies being made before the key is returned.

Medeco3 cylinders have been tested by the UL and have received a UL437 Listing. They also carry a ANSI/BHMA A156.30 Level A certification and are classified as high security.

Medeco3 cylinders can be installed in many different types of locks. In residential situation you may need to purchase new lock and door hardware that will allow the use of Medeco cylinders. Medeco cylinders can be retrofitted into some residential lock. Medeco also makes a variety of residential locks of which more information can be found below.

Medeco Mortise Cylinder

Medeco lock cylinders

Medeco has implemented Medeco3 into several types of cylinders that include key in knob (KIK) cylinders, mortise cylinders, rim cylinders, cam locks, switches and more. Medeco has done a good job providing you with versatility for your locking needs.

You can purchase a standard commercial knob or lever from a local locksmith or online and install a Medeco3 KIK cylinder into it on nearly all residential doors. The same thing can be done for deadbolts with the purchase of an Arrow or Lori Deadbolt. If you have a front door handle set it may accept a mortise cylinder which can be Medeco3.

If you cannot figure out what will work, call a locksmith out to take a look. It may even be possible to find one that will give you a free quote.

Medeco Brass Deadbolt

Medeco Deadbolts

Medeco makes one of the finest deadbolts available. The quality and security can be found in no other deadbolt. Below is a list of features directly off the Medeco website.

1. UL Listed for use on fire doors having a rating up to three hours

2. ANSI/BHMA 165.5 2001 Grade 1 Certification for auxiliary locks and associated products

3. ANSI/BHMA A156.30 Level A Certification on the cylinder assures patent protected key control and physical strength

4. Can be incorporated into existing master key systems Security features to protect against drill, wrench, ice pick, kick-in, hammer, bumping and prying attacks

5. Solid brass construction provides high quality and long cylinder life

6. Deadbolt is designed to accommodate both mortise and drive-in face applications for greater flexibility and ease of installation.

7. Large thumbturn provides ease of use for physically challenged individuals Keys may be integrated with Hybrid proximity head for greater system retrofit.

8. Double cylinder captive thumbturn safety option available

If you are to replace just one lock on the doors at your home, replace or install a Medeco deadbolt. Deadbolts provide most of the security or a residential door and with a Medeco3 deadbolt you are providing the most security possible in a lock.

Medeco Cylindrical Knob Lock

Cylindrical knob Locks

Medeco cylindrical locks are also of top quality. Medeco manufacturers an ANSI grade 1 and grade 2 cylindrical knob lock.

These locks are available in Bright Brass, Satin Bronze, Satin Bronze, Satin Stainless Steel and Bright Stainless Steel to match your existing hardware.

Any of Medeco’s cylinders will work in their cylindrical locksets and they can be installed on nearly any standard door residential or commercial.

Medeco Cam Lock

Medeco Padlocks, Cam Locks and Switches

Medeco utilizes some of the most advanced technology available to integrate its patented systems into locks you use every day.

Medeco Padlocks are available in several styles including varying shackle lengths and they even produce a high security puck lock.

Medeco Padlock

Medeco cam and cabinet locks can replace a wide variety of in use cabinet and cam locks.

Medeco switches are used in place where control over the operation of a device is needed. By utilizing a Medeco switch lock you will ensure nobody will be activating your switch controlled device without the proper key.