Kwikset Door Locks

Kwikset Door LocksKwikset door locks are among the most common locks available. You will find Kwikset deadbolts and Kwikset Tylo knobs on many homes throughout the world.

Kwikset first built locks back in 1946 when Adolf Schoepe and Karl Rhinehart invented a residential tubular lock that was fast to install. They named the lock the “Kwikset” for that reason.

Now you can find Kwikset locks, Kwikset deadbolts and Kwikset Tylo knobs in nearly every home improvement store throughout the US and even the rest of the world.

Common Kwikset Locks

Kwikset Deadbolt

Kwikset Deadbolts

Kwikset deadbolts are a value based deadbolt providing security on a budget. Kwikset deadbolts are generally less secure than many other deadbolts on the market. You can get these locks in many finishes, but the most common is the standard brass finish. You can purchase one of these deadbolts for anywhere from $15 up to about $75 depending on the features you want in your lock.

Kwikset Tylo Knob

Kwikset Knobs

One of the most common knobs in the world is the Kwikset Tylo knob. These Kwikset door locks are a classic knob and have been around for many years. Kwikset knobs have several different functions including locked entry knobs, interior passage knobs (no lock) and interior privacy knobs (bathrooms & Bedrooms). Kwikset knobs can be purchased in many finishes including brass and satin nickel. You can purchase a Kwikset know for anywhere from $3 to about $50 depending on the function and type of lock.

Kwikset Handleset

Kwikset Handleset

Kwikset handlesets come in many differnt shapes and finishes. Some of these are very basic while others are very ornate and decorative. Most Kwikset handlesets rely on the deadbolt for the security. The handleset does not have a key lock and is more to latch the door. Once the door is latched the deadbolt is locked to prevent unauthorized access. Keep in mind when purchasing one of these that the with some handlesets you need to measure the distance between the holes in your door. You can purchase one of these handlesets for as low as $35 and they range as high as $250.

Kwikset Electronic Door Locks

Kwikset Electronic Door Locks

These are among my favorite Kwikset door locks. Using your programmed code you can gain access to your home or business with the push of a button (or a couple). Just enter your code and turn the handle and your in. There is no need for keys with this lock. These are perfect when you have kids and don’t want them loosing keys. You can just reprogram the code if you think someone may have it. There are deadbolts and levers with the electronic feature. Some of these can be controlled by smart phone applications and work with other home automation devices. Prices of Kwikset electronic door locks start at about $70 and they can go as high as $250.

Kwikset Biometric Lock

Kwikset Biometric Lock

The Kwikset SmartScan bio-metric deadbolt is one of the coolest of all Kwikset locks. By using your fingertip you simply slide it under the front of the lock and if your finger is registered, the lock automatically opens. To lock the lock, you just tap the bio reader three times and the lock bolt extends to the locked position. These locks come in several finishes and range in price from $200 and go up to about $300. I think Kwikset may have discontinued this lock as there are very few on the market today.