KEYSURE….Key Control

NOTE: This information is provided as general advice only.


Have you ever wanted to leave a key with someone like in my case my landlord or say any other third party. In the case of my landlord I didn’t know him very well so the thought of just giving him my key without some accountability was a problem for me.

A friend of mine told me about KEYSURE which solved the problem. What’s interesting is this product benefits both the giver, me and the receiver, landlord. KEYSURE provides physical accountability and also prevents the key from being used or copied surreptitiously. It’s a “win / win” concept.

KEYSURE is a very simple concept, a key in a two part plastic box which happens to be pilfer proof and tamper evident, a lock box without a lock. KEYSURE has to be physically broken to access the key, just like any good physical security seal.

The box has labels on both front and back to identify the contents and sign your name, like you do when you endorse a check or contract. Signatures prevent the key from being transferred to a new box and make the product work.

So me and the landlord established a security policy. He gets the key and if he needs to use the key he simply breaks the box and uses the key but owes me an explanation why he used it and then repeat the prior process to enclose the key again. I also had the option to use that key if I locked myself out or to check up on the key to make sure the KEYSURE was still in tact.

I liked it because I had physical accountability for the key and he liked it because he gets the key and cannot ever be FALSELY ACCUSED of using the key.

Since KEYSURE is large enough for several keys I included a whole set of keys so if I ever lost my keys I’d have a full set somewhere close by.

I also recommended to the landlord that he check out the KEYSURE website and take a look at their key control system and consider adopting this product for all his other tenants.

Since I discovered this product I’ve found other uses for it… since I’m a gun owner I lock up the guns and I leave the key at home in a KEYSURE with specific instruction that the key only be accessed in a true emergency.

I hope you found this review helpful.