Ivation Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe Review

Ivation Biometric Fingerprint Home SafeSafes are as much deterrents as they are home security devices. 80% of burglars won’t even try to get into a safe. Most home invaders are drug addicts or kids and they’re looking for a quick heist and they will sell them at a cheap price.

They aren’t Hollywood type villains who come in with drills and other equipment to crack a safe and make off with expensive artwork. Often when they see a safe in the home they will give it quick bash and if it doesn’t open they will move on to something else. The other 20% will have a drill with them and they will give your safe a good try.

If you have looked at these statistics, these are the reasons many people don’t recommend everybody else go out and buy a $500 safe. It’s about how much you’re prepared to pay to nullify the risk of one of those 20% coming and taking your valuables.

This article reviews the Ivation Biometic Fingerprint Safe which is priced at around $100-$150. So if you’re looking for a safe in that price bracket then find out here on this article how much of a deterrent it is.

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  • Great design
  • Reasonable price
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Numeric keypad
  • Override key
  • Steel


  • The size will not be enough for some people who have bigger items to store

Special Features

Ivation Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe


The dimensions of this safe are 18.2 inches by 14.2 inches by 14.5 inches, so you’re not going to be overwhelmed by its size. Rather, it’s a medium-sized safe, which is right for the price but not in the size bracket of the higher-priced safes.

This safe won’t be ideal for you if you own certain items that you should store away from children’s reach (such as guns). But if you have smaller items to stash like jewelry and paperwork then this safe makes a good deal.

Design and structure

The weight is 20 pounds and that should tell about what kind of steel has been used here. It’s not the finest grade ultimate strength steel but it’s still pretty strong.

So how strong is this steel, then? You couldn’t break this open with a baseball bat and it would be very hard to pry. This is because of the shape of the design with the area housing the locking system welded seamlessly into the interior. There’s no obvious door to get a crowbar around and only a slight gap you might push a chisel though. So it’s next to impossible to access the locking system with tools.

The lock

The safe uses a motorized deadbolt lock. The other popular locks for these types of safes are spring bolts but these can be drilled easily because you only have to drill through the spring and the door opens in no time. Considering the grade of steel of this safe, customers will be relieved to know that it doesn’t use spring bolts.

How does the motorized deadbolt work? It’s pretty simple. Deadbolt means you literally have a dead bolt staying in place and blocking the door from opening until you manually give it permission to open. When you do this, a motor kicks into gear shifting the bolt backwards, and the door will open.

The question is, can it be drilled through? With this just being one bolt that’s always a possibility.

How to open

You can open this model safe in three ways:

  • Fingerprints – The fingerprint recognition is good and you can log in 32 separate prints into the system. This is made so that your family members can have access if you want them to. But here’s the issue. Many people always think fingerprint safes are risky because a thief could easily drag you over and force you to put your fingerprint on the device. Then they’re in.
  • Numeric keypad – If you don’t have any fingerprints logged onto the system and just use the numeric keypad then there’s less of an opportunity there. It’s more difficult to get a number out of you than it is to get to your fingers. So probably, you will use the numeric keypad, and in a worst case scenario they’ll leave you alone once they see there’s no fingerprints logged in.
  • Override key – As far as the override key goes, don’t leave it in the house. Give it to a neighbor you trust. It just helps you avoid the slight possibility that you might come into contact with a burglar who knows this specific type of safe has one.


Interestingly they’ve installed some internal memory so that if your power dies, the system will remember all of the Fingerprint Data and the Numeric Codes you used to open it. The manufacturer called this ‘technological flair’ on their website.


Even though they made the right decision of going in without a spring, the deadbolt they chose for the lock could still have been drilled. It’s not over-sized and drilling would usually have been a 15-minute job at most.

But they’re quite smart here. They’ve created a design with some excellent welding that is almost impossible to drill. It’s difficult to get to the bolt. And the gaps are so small that you couldn’t get even any type of crowbar in to pry. So it’s more of a design success than a perfect lock system. This lock on another design could have been easy to break.

This safe gives you options on how to access it: fingerprints, numeric keypad and override key. Choose any type of access which seems appropriate or safe to you.

About the safe’s size, it looks just right, not huge but not everyone has a lot of big and bulky things to store. For those who store jewelry, some cash and important papers, this safe will do fine for them. Overall, you will get a good deal with the Ivation Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe.