How Safe Are Hotel Room Safes?

If you frequently travel, you may have used an in-room safe in hotel rooms that you’ve stayed in to keep your valuables secured and protected. If there are items that would not fit inside your shoulder bag like laptops and tablets, then you would most likely use the hotel room safes to not leave them open for thieves to steal if they ever get inside your room.

However, having valuables in the hotel room safe is not precisely as secured as leaving them in your bed or table because of multiple reasons.

One of the reasons why hotel room safes are not secure is that every hotel has a master code, key, or card that can open all safes in their rooms. The master code or key is created as a safety measure in case the guests forgot their passwords, or if they left the key inside the safe after locking it. The main purpose for having a master code may seem like it is for good intentions, but sometimes, employees may take advantage of knowing the master code and use it to steal guests’ belongings.

It is important that the master code should be changed constantly at least once or twice a week, similar to how some cafes and other establishments that offer internet access change their Wi-Fi passwords almost every day. However, due to the negligence of hotel management, some hotels have been using the same master code or key for months or even years.

Some hotels may even be dishonest to the mechanisms of their safe, as some safes may look like it only needs a code to open, but there is a hidden keyhole somewhere in the storage unit that is used only by hotel employees. Also, a number of hotels are still using safes that are old, which signifies that some of these safes’ parts have deteriorated. If a safe is dated, it basically means that it can easily be opened without the use of a key or a card.

Another thing to note is that while a hotel room safe is usually bolted into a floor or a table, it can still be easily taken by someone if the screws and bolts used are loose or rusting.

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Improving the Security of Hotel Room Safes

If you brought a laptop of other large valuables with you that wouldn’t fit in your bag, you may still use a hotel room safe instead of leaving your things inside luggage bag, but you need to improve its security.

You cannot prevent the hotel room safe from having a master code, but what you can do is to stop people from opening it even if they know the master code or have the master key.

Buying a hotel safe lock is the best option to prevent master code holder from opening the safe. One good example of the item is the Milockie Hotel Safe Lock, which you can put in the gap between the door and the top side of the safe.

By using the Milockie lock, you will add additional security to the safe by giving another code at the padlock of the item. It is also quite lightweight, so it won’t add any extra weight to your luggage whenever you’re traveling with it. To make the lock even more convenient to carry, the product also comes with a carry storage bag that has an extra space for other small items in your luggage.

Although it comes with its own three-dial combination padlock, Milockie recommends that you buy and use a stronger combination padlock for their product. An excellent padlock to pair with the Milockie is the Master Lock 178D that has a four-dial combination. If you are having a difficult time remembering codes or combinations, then you might want to buy a padlock that uses a key to unlock. Master Lock also has a keyed padlock called the 141D that has two keys, so you can keep one for yourself and one for your travel buddy.

password for combination lock

In-Room Safe Alternatives

If you don’t really want to put your belongings in the hotel room safe, there are alternatives that you can buy and use that are more secure.

One of the best hotel room safe alternatives is the SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box which you can use not only to secure items you’ve left in the hotel room but also as a safer travel companion.

The SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box is made from high-impact ABS plastic that is durable and resistant to water and sand. It has a sturdy steel cable strap that you can detach using the key and combination access. If you leave it in the hotel, you can hang it on the clothes rack where thieves may have difficulty in pulling it out of the rack’s pipe.

However, one drawback of the travel safe is that large items like laptops cannot fit inside it. But don’t fret as there are other bigger safety bags available in the market, and one of them is the LOCTOTE Flak Sack II, which is deemed by the manufacturer as “the world’s toughest theft-resistant drawstring backpack.

The Flak Sack II is made out of slash-proof fabric that prevents thieves to cut through the bag and steal your items through a hole they made. The fabric is also water-resistant, making it a great storage for electronics such as phones, tablets, and notebook computers.

Every Flack Sack II comes with a solid brass lock, but you can upgrade it to a much more durable lock like the ones that Master Lock offers. Also, like the SAFE SECURITY travel safe, the Flak Sack II has a locking strap, but it is made of slash-proof fabric instead of steel.

In order to keep your valuables safer, it is much better that you put them in your travel bag instead of locking them in a hotel room safe, but of course, there are instances where you won’t be able to carry them all. You should buy at least one securityitem before traveling to make sure that you will be able to provide extra security for your items in the safe.