Home8 Oplink Connected Tripleshield Home Security System Review

Home8 Oplink Connected Tripleshield Home Security System

For many people, a complete system is the ultimate answer to their home security needs. They don’t have to go around looking fro all the cameras, sensors, detectors and alarms to make their own.

Another advantage of having a complete home security system is that they usually get an easier set-up because all of the components come from the same company.

However, the market for these complete systems are hot at the moment with many of these things being manufactured. As a result, the competition becomes tougher and the buying choices become harder.

The Home8 Oplink Connected Tripleshield Home Security System is one of those packages that are vying for every customer’s attention so this article would like to give some thoughts about this product. In the end, you will decide for yourself whether or not you are ready to purchase it.

Home8 Oplink Video-Verified TripleShield Alarm System (2-Cam) – Wireless Home Security System with IP-Cameras, Alarm Sensors, Indoor Siren, and Free Basic Service, featuring Amazon Alexa Integration by Home8 [Mivatek].

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Below lists the system’s special features:

The Set-up

The first piece of good news is about the set-up. There’s practically no set-up here. You just put down the central panel preferably near a door. Then you place your alarms and sensors around the house and you’re up and running. With a good wireless connection, all of the parts should sync with the network immediately. About five minutes after taking it out of the box you’re recording videos and monitoring movement.

The Cameras

The cameras are 480p – not really HD but you’re not going to be watching TV anyway, so the resolution is good enough to get a decent facial recognition.

Actually, the price has just been slashed down and you get more. This system used to be about $349 and you had to buy the cameras separately. Now you get both of the cameras and the system costs about $299. The cameras are the best thing about this system. They switch automatically to night vision when the light dims in the evening. Anyone who has to manually switch over cameras knows how beneficial and convenient that is.

Home8 Oplink’s cameras also go into record mode whenever you have an alarm triggered. So, they’ll record footage of what is happening at that point, which you can then even send to your insurance company.

Panic Siren

You can place this panic siren anywhere you like around your home. Basically, it is a big button you push whenever you’re in danger. It’ll make a huge sound that anyone in the neighbourhood will hear. It will sure scare away most burglars.

The Sensors

You get one motion sensor and two window sensors. These will be the windows burglars will most likely come through. These sensors detect the sound of breaking glass, which interferes with the frequency and alerts the alarm to go off.

Because the whole system is synced together, when the window sensors trigger the alarm, the cameras will start recording a video footage of whatever is happening around your window. It is the same deal with the motion sensor and this has a pretty wide grid, so you’ll be detecting movement on at least one whole side of the house if you choose to put it outside, and across the whole floor if you placed it inside.

Wi-Fi connectivity

If you have a good and stable Wi-Fi connection, then you won’t have a problem. No extras needed.

But if you have a Wi-Fi system that is not all that good then you will need the cellular back-up that Oplink is actually offering. This will get clicked on when your Wi-Fi system goes out and Oplink will use their cellular signal to keep monitoring your home.

The problem, though, is that you need to get Oplinks 3G Modem to make this happen and that costs an extra $80. So if your Wi-Fi is not that stable, you should ask yourself whether an extra $80 is worth it for the back-up. If you choose to buy the modem, you must also pay $9.99 per month from that point on whether you need the back-up or not. The system already costs $19.99 per month to run, before these extras are taken into account.

The mobile app

Home8 Oplink’s mobile app enables you to monitor your home even as you’re away, and it has also got some interesting features.

For instance, you’re at work and you want to know what is happening at home. Go to this app, and have a look at what the cameras are looking at live around your house. You can even start recording from the app while you’re out and away. And the things that you have recorded can be sent straight away to anyone you want through e-mail.

You can also turn your sensors on and off as well as move the cameras, just by a tapping on your mobile phone’s screen. It’s a good centrally-controlled mobile unit that would make anyone secure.

Now, the problem is the fees. You’d be paying a security company a lot more, but it’s still pretty steep. The system already costs you $19.99 and if you want more cameras, you would have to pay an extra $5 a month. If you want the cellular back-up then you’re paying $80 more for the modem.

The verdict?

The Home8 Oplink Connected Tripleshield Home Security System would make your home and your family totally secure. The cameras are good – they record well and customers will also love their quick automatic change into night vision. At 480p, these cameras take good pictures and videos, and offers a good and clear-enough facial recognition. Plus, the movement is swift.

The sensors offer large grids and the system syncs together well, so any alarm will trigger the cameras to start recording.

Using Oplink’s app, you get the monitoring service so the police should be alerted and called quickly after the threat sets the alarm off.

The central panel offers a quick and easy set-up, and the entire system is easy to operate.

Despite the monthly fees and the extras that can put an additional burden to your pocket, the system is otherwise excellent. If you have a lot of money to spare, you won’t have any problem with it and you will be able to turn your home into a strong and stable “fortress” for you, your family and your valuables. But if you don’t have much money, then there are free-to-use models available and you might be better off choosing those.

So in a nutshell, here is what this review has to say about the system:


  • Mobile control
  • Good app
  • Good cameras
  • Great Sensors
  • Easy set-up
  • Panic siren
  • Total security for your home


  • You have to pay $19.99 monthly
  • Extras also cost money