Home Surveillance Camera System

NOTE: This information is provided as general advice only and all local laws should be consulted for using these devices.

Surveillance CamerasA home surveillance camera system is a key part of residential security and peace of mind. When used in conjunction with good perimeter barriers (locks, bars, etc.) and a monitored alarms system, you can achieve a level of security that is very difficult to penetrate.

Some think that a camera system in a home is excessive and not necessary. In some cases this may be true, but there are many benefits to modern surveillance systems in residential locations.

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Smart Phone Surveillance CameraMost home surveillance camera systems today have the ability to connect to the internet and allow you to view live from any computer or smart phone from anywhere in the world. Some cameras even provide you with the ability to pan the camera around and zoom in on one specific area.

I have installed surveillance cameras in many homes for many different reasons. A system was recently installed for a husband and wife team that worked for the government (they did not specify what they did) and frequently travelled to Iraq for extended periods. They wanted to check on their home periodically and make sure everything was OK. I also installed a system in a home so a mother could check on her teenage children when she could not be there with them.

Most system I have installed in residential applications were installed to monitor the exterior of a home. In most cases a 4 to 8 channel system can cover the majority of a homes exterior depending on the size and shape of you home. In most cases the system is connected to 1 or 2 TVs in the home so the outside can quickly be viewed by simply changing the input on the TV.

When dealing with a surveillance system please keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you go and purchase a $500 8 channel system from eBay, it will likely have poor picture quality, recording capabilities, features and it may stop working after a year or 2.

Understanding Video Surveillance Cameras

If you want to learn more about the operation of surveillance cameras and surveillance systems, this is the place to be. You will find out what components make up a system and how they interact with one another.

Home Wireless Surveillance Camera

If you are unable to run wires throughout your home this is the camera you will need to use. You can place these cameras on the interior and exterior of your home and view activities from a central location.

Night Vision Surveillance Camera

Many people want to see what is happening at night inside and outside their home. These cameras will illuminate the area and allow you to see in even the darkest location.

Surveillance Cameras Reviews

There are hundreds of thousands of different surveillance cameras on the market today. Finding reviews can be difficult.