Home Security Systems That You Can Afford

Sometimes, what you consider as the best home security system doesn’t have to come as too expensive. These affordable home security systems can compete with their top-of-the-line counterparts. These will make great gifts for the holidays and for all year round!

1. Mpow Solar-Powered Outdoor Motion Sensing LightMpowtech Solar Lights-jpeg

“Green” home security systems may be in their infancy, but they will make big waves soon enough. Homeowners love the Mpow because it is wireless and uses solar power while it protects you from burglars. Through its three “modes,” the Mpow turns on its light in darker areas where intruders might lurk. Since it is run by solar power, it will not suffer power outages or does not require professional installation. You don’t even have to manually turn it on or off because the Mpow turns its light on at night and turns it off at sunrise, automatically. It is also weather-resistant, so the item will surely last long.

 Fake security cameras, any brand2. Fake security cameras, any brand

We are not kidding! Just the sight of a CCTV or a video surveillance camera alone can scare off potential intruders who think they are being watched by a security camera. These dummies look like and are physically built like real CCTVs, when the fact is that they do not function at all. They have received great reviews on Amazon to boot, so it only means they are super-effective! Obviously, branding doesn’t matter much as they are all fake anyway. Chances are you probably won’t regret buying one and setting it up.

Doberman Security Ultra-Slim Window Alarm3. Doberman Security Ultra-Slim Window Alarm

Even if you have all the doors locked, intruders can still find a way to break into your house by smashing the windows. This is where you need a window alarm. The Doberman Security Ultra-Slim Window Alarm detects window vibration by sounding off a 100 dB siren, loud enough to make you almost jump up from a deep slumber. Worried about false alarms? Don’t fret because the Doberman has the Vibration Trigger Technology which means it will not sound off when it’s rainy or windy. Its slim design makes the Doberman window alarm easy to install on windows, RVs, and sliding doors.

GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm4. GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm

Doors and windows are a sure attraction to burglars. Whether they’re open or locked, intruders will find a way to pry them open. The GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm goes off with its 120-decibel siren whenever it detects a vibration — loud enough to alert you as well as to scare off intruders. It is also rated highly by consumers.

Online markets often offer fantastic home security system discounts. For instance, Amazon sells the GE window/door alarm in packs — two units for just under $10 or four units for under $20. Probably the best home security system deals you’ll ever have!

 Orvibo Wi-Fi Smart Socket Outlet5. Orvibo S25 Wi-Fi Smart Socket Outlet

If you’re worrying about leaving the house empty whenever you’re out for an errand, for work, for a holiday, or for a night out, the Orvibo Wi-Fi Smart Socket Outlet will be the ideal solution. This smart outlet will work with anything that’s plugged into it, so control the Orvibo to turn the lights on or off throughout the day to make your home look like it’s occupied, and burglars don’t typically break into a home that’s inhabited. You only need Wi-Fi to program and control this smart outlet which can connect up to 20 different devices.

Recently, the Orvibo was one of the top rated home security systems and also one of the best sellers in this category on many online markets.