Home Safes – Protect Whats Yours!

Cobalt SM-15 Home Fire Safe - White

Home safes and home fire safes are sometimes called microwave safes because they are similar in size and shape to a microwave. Most of these safes are in the $200 – $400 price range. Although nearly any safe can be utilized in a home, these safes are affordable and offer the features an average homeowner is looking for. In this price range you will find mainly 1 hour fire ratings and locks including both electronic and mechanical (combination) style locks.

These safes are for fire protection and are not made to prevent access by a seasoned burglar. This is not saying that a burglar will be able to break into it, but if they use some basic tools and have some time they will likely get it open by ripping it apart. These safes are a great option for many homeowners looking to protect important papers and low cost valuables from both fire and burglary.

There are many manufacturers of this style safes including Sentry Safe, Cobalt Safes, Gardall, AMSEC, First Alert, Protex, Hollon and Mesa. Most of these are of similar quality, but you may find some that have a better warranty or even a few with a 2 hour fire rating.

There are home fireproof safes that also offer water protection. Waterproof safes are only made by a few manufacturers, but have been tested and seem to work very well. Most of these have a one hour fire rating and offer minimal security.

Check out this video showing some fire safes being tested.

Note: Some of these are home safes and some are fire boxes or fire chests.