A High Security Fire Safe Will Keep Your Valuables Safe

AMSEC CF2518 High Security 2 Hour Fire Safe

A high security fire safe is the top of the line when it comes to safe protection. These safes are used in banks, jewelry stores and pawn shops to keep their valuables safe.

A high security safe with fire protection will usually have a 2 hour UL fire ratings and they can carry one of several UL security ratings. It is possible to find similary constructed safes without the UL security rating, but it may be hard to know exactly how secure you safe is without it. Not all high security containers are fire resistant. You will want to find a safe that specifies fire protection and a UL Security Rating. UL Ratings on these safes start at a TL-15 rating and end with the TXTL-60X6. Find out more about UL ratings of high security safes – click the link to find out more. Manufacturers such as AMSEC, Gardall, Gary and Hayman make UL rated security safes.

Don’t be fooled thinking lower end safes offer any real security. The below video demonstrates why you should not trust your high end valuables to a low end safe.