Knowing Which of the Many Hidden Nanny Cameras Is Right for You May Save You Big Bucks!

NOTE: This information is provided as general advice only and all local laws should be consulted for using these devices.

There are several types of hidden nanny cameras on the market today. It is crucial that you purchase one that will meet your needs and budget. Many people spend upwards of $150 on a wired hidden camera only to find out that it comes with “wires”. The below information should be plenty to ensure that when you are ready to purchase – you will find the item that will best meet your needs.

Hidden Nanny Camera With Built In DVR

This type of camera is relatively new. These units are great for nanny cams as they are “all inclusive” and don’t require a separate recorder or computer in order to operate. They are available in black & white and color video. Most have a built in SD Card DVR that will record directly onto a 1-32GB SD Card. These units are a little more pricey than some other types, but are worth it because of the great convenience they provide. Most covert cameras with built in DVR come with a remote so all you need to do is hit record and go. Some of these units have the ability to provide power for up to 1 year and are totally cordless. Some of these units have built in night vision IR illuminators that will allow you to see everything that happens when the lights are off. These are the only units offered in our Nanny Camera Rental area.

IP Hidden Nanny Camera

IP stands for internet protocall – these units are a sort of wireless spy camera that transmits a signal through the air to an included receiver. The receiver is a USB receiver that can be plugged directly into a computer. The computer will act as a DVR and record everything the camera captures onto the hard drive of the computer. Most of these have the capability to watch over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Wireless Hidden Nanny Camera

A wireless camera is similar to the IP camera in that it transmits a signal to an included receiver. Normally the receiver is plugged into a TV for viewing or a VCR/DVR to record. There are devices that will allow you to connect this to a computer also, but the IP version is much better for computer use than this Wireless unit.

Wired Hidden Nanny Camera

Yup, just like it sounds – Wired. This unit requires you to run a wire from the back of the camera to your recorder. You can connect the wire directly to a TV, VCR or DVR to watch or record the images your camera captures. This type of camera is becoming obsolete due to the hassle of running the wires and concealing them. It also is not totally covert because you can see the wire on the back of the device if you are so inclined to look.

3G Hidden Nanny Cameras

There are rumors of a new type of cameras hitting the market – 3G cameras. When/if released these will operate on cellular 3G networks and will be able to transmit and be accessed from anywhere in the US that has 3G coverage. Details are not currently available, but this may be a great option for some people and their portable surveillance camera needs.

Portable/Body Worn Hidden Nanny Cameras

These can be wired, wireless or have built in DVRs so you need to know what you are looking for when shopping for this type of device. A wired will require you to have a portable DVR so you can record the images. Common wired units are the hat, and the tie spy camera. If you have a portable DVR then this may be the right rout for you. Next is the wireless portable DVR. This will allow you to send a signal to a nearby recorder. This type of portable covert cam may limit you to how far you can go. The last and most useful of all is the portable spy camera with built in DVR. These units are totally portable and totally covert. Common types are the pen camera, lighter camera and the car remote spy camera. These units usually have a battery life of 1-3 hours and usually can record for at least that long. These are relatively cheap and work good in many situations. One advantage to portable body worn spy cameras is that many of them can legally record audio.

Motion Acivated Hidden Nanny Cameras

Purchasing a cameras that is activated by motion will save you a ton of time going through uneventfull video recordings. This type of hidden camera also saves space on your recorder so you can record for a longer period of time. Find out more at our Motion Acivated Spy Camera page.

Audio in Hidden Nanny Cameras

Check out our Nanny Camera with Audio page for more information on this and some links to some hidden cameras with audio. Many people ask if audio is available with their covert camera. This is not a simple answer, but generally the answer is no. According to United States federal laws, audio should not be used in a surreptitious manner. One example of surreptitious interception is audio in a hidden/spy/nanny/covert camera. Audio in a covert camera or board camera is only available to law enforcement agencies. Title 18, Section 2512. The only exception to this is if the camera is body worn. The reason for this is that if you have it on your person while recording there is no expectation of privacy by others around you or others speaking to you.

Outdoor Hidden Cameras

Need to record outdoors without anyone knowing? This is not a problem with an outdoor hidden camera. New technology allows your camera to remain in standby for up to 1 year. When motion is detected it will begin recording then stop when motion is no longer detected. Check out our Outdoor Hidden Camera page for more information.

Night Vision Spy Cameras

Night vision spy cameras are specifically designed to see at night and record everything. Most of these units have built in motion detection to save disk space. IR illuminators that put off and invisible light is the source of light the camera uses to “see at night”. The light the IRs put off are invisible to the human eye, but shows up as light when viewed through a camera.