Is a Fire Box the Right Solution for Your Valuables?

NOTE: This information is provided as general advice only.

A fire box is basically any portable container that offers fire protection. Most of these can be placed on the ground or a table and have a locked, hinged top. Sentry Safes is the leader in this type of fire containers and 99% of them on the market are made by Sentry. You will find that these safes generally range from $20 – $100 depending on the size and style. I have seen some models go for as high as $200. If you purchase one of the larger models with waterproofing then you will likely spend closer to $200 for your safe box.

Here is a video testing Sentry and Honeywell safes & a lock box.

Please Note: None of the safes tested in the video above claimed to be a media or data safe. ONLY data and media safes are made to keep items such as the CDs shown in the video safe in a fire. Media melts around 125 degrees F, these safe were not designed to maintain a temperature that low so melting is to be expected.

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You will find that many of these safes have a low security key lock or a tubular key lock to keep the safe closed. This lock may give some the illusion of security, but these can be opened with basic tools very quickly and should not be used for security of valuables. Many times a burglar will simply pick up and carry away a fire box with little effort. These containers have no means to be secured to a floor like a standard safe would. One solution I have seen over the years is a bike chain lock through the handle. While this may slow down a burglar from simply picking it up and running, it should not be used as a reason to store any item of high monetary value inside the safe box. If you purchase a fireproof box, purchase it to keep things safe in the event of a fire and not for security purposes. If your budget for a security and fire safe is less than $100 then you may be limited to using this type of safe to keep your valuables safe.

If you are concerned about the item you placed inside, you may want to consider placing the box where there would be less “fuel” in a fire. Location with gas or other fuels, linens, furniture and other flammables will burn longer and at a higher temperature than if you place the box on a concrete floor in a closet or tucked away next to concrete and cinder block.