ELEC 4 HDMI CCTV 1500TVL 1.0MP Bullet Camera


Home security system reviews are about products that not everyone, but at least someone out there, will like. However, this article may be one exception.

The ELEC 4 HDMI CCTV 1500TVL 1.0MP Bullet Cameras Video Security System is quite bad, so don’t buy it! Here’s why…

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This is a mixture of good and bad news. You have to drill these huge holes in order to fit the cameras, but it can be done in 30 minutes. The holes are the biggest problem for people without electric drills.

You’re looking at a whole afternoon of work without an electric drill.

But, once you have all the holes drilled the rest is easy. You can hook up any mobile device to this system by just scanning the QR Code. So it’ll recognize all of your phones, tablets, and other gadgets that you have in the house.

Cheap build

ELEC is trying make a four-camera system that doesn’t cost a huge amount. They just cut costs in the wrong places.

The cameras look so flimsy that if you hear a sound in the night it’s more likely to be a piece of your cameras falling off than a burglar. They’re made out of thin plastic that doesn’t look very durable at all.

Poor night vision

The picture is pretty good if you are only using these cameras during the day. You get a 1500 TVL Native Resolution, which should and does translate into somewhere near 1080p so in the day the pictures are great. The images appear to be clean.

The blacks and whites look bold and well pronounced.

However, the LED’s don’t seem to work. You’re supposed to get 24 LED’s producing 65-80 feet of night vision but in reality it’s 5 feet at best. And that’s when the LED’s turn on. You neither get any night vision at all, nor a very short range of night vision. Neither is worth the money.

Not really weatherproof

You should always be careful to look for a weatherproof rating because anyone can put the word ‘weatherproof’ on a system even if it isn’t.

When a camera system has a rating like IP66 or IP67 it means it’s actually been tested by a third party under strict conditions.

Without a rating you just have to take the manufacturer’s description at face value. These should be okay in the rain, but if you live in cold conditions then stay away from this unit. There have been reports that the cameras have stopped working in the cold.

The app

The app is one of the few highlights here. It works fine. It is easy to navigate and you can access live footage from any location.

It’s actually one of the better apps around for camera systems.

Accessing the four cameras individually is very simple, and you can even split the screen to view all four cameras at once.

Does it record footage?

Yes it does, but you have to go out and buy a hard drive. That’s not a complaint because on many systems in the low price-range you have to buy the hard drive separately.

The problem comes when you have to look at night vision recordings.

They’re even worse than the night vision live footage. Recordings of day footage are pretty good but again there is a drop in quality from live footage to recorded footage.

Motion detection

The motion detector is passive which means it won’t detect body heat. Again this is pretty standard on systems below $200. The problems with these come from them not being able to tell the difference between a person and something else.

So they produce a lot of false alarms like plants blowing in the breeze and birds landing on the driveway.

Manufacturers usually give you pictures with the notifications but it doesn’t exist here in this system. With these you can know whether it’s something you might want to go onto the app to take a closer look at, or whether you should just go on about your day. So unfortunately you might get a lot of text notifications for all the alerts that aren’t actual threats, which is annoying.


The motion detection is good but prone to false alarms and the big holes make the set-up a nightmare. The shining lights here are the outstanding picture in the daytime, the quick recognition of mobile devices and the easy to use app. But they don’t make up for the lack of quality in other areas.