Coolest Home Security System Gadgets

If you think that CCTV’s mounted on the corners of the ceiling are quite standard now, maybe you just need to spice up your home security system a little. This is especially true if you’re a techie, or are about to become one without ever realizing it. Of course, you may want home security equipment that can also look nice in your living room, if you’re also about aesthetics. If you live alone in your apartment you may be worried that no one will look after it when you are away at your day job on a week-long holiday. No matter how plain-looking or sophisticated your choice of home security gadgets are, do not forget their basic purpose of making you feel safer and more secure for yourself and for your home.

Here are some of the top rated home security system gadgets you may actually need:

Cocoon Home Security1. Cocoon

This all-in-one home security system from Cocoon can be programmed by your smartphone or tablet. Cocoon detects who belongs in your home and who is an intruder, offers multi-floor protection, and is also pet-friendly. You can set this gadget up in seconds — it’s just that easy. All you need is an Internet connection to help you monitor your home even when you’re away.

ismartalarm2. iSmartAlarm

The iSmartAlam may look plain, but consumers and experts agree that this might the best home security system to come out recently, and it’s also one of the most comprehensive. It may seem a little too expensive but you don’t otherwise need any contracts or monthly fees to have this kit. DIY-ers will find this easy to install, and easy to program as well by using their iOS and Android devices. It contains many functions including door/window sensors, motion sensors, camera, contact sensors, and a smart switch.

august smart lock3. August Smart Lock

If you’re tech-conscious in particular and your everyday life is practically run by just a switch or a touch of a button, you are most likely to need keyless locks like August Smart Lock. With this amazing gadget, you can now turn your iPhone, iPad, Apple Smartwatch, or any Android device into a virtual key to lock and unlock your home. No need to fumble for keys! The virtual keys are assigned to the smart lock’s system which enables you to track who enters and goes out of your house, detectable by their respective virtual keys.

novi4. Novi

At first glance, you may dismiss Novi as another flimsy smoke detector. But wait, there’s more!

This gadget, manufactured by Novi Security, does more than detects smoke. It also has a wide-angle HD camera which records in real time, a motion sensor, and a siren which scares an intruder off or alerts you to call the police. It runs on batteries, and installation is a quite a breeze. And oh, it also syncs with the Novi App which you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

nest cam5. Nest Cam

There are two types of Nest Cam security cameras: indoor and outdoor (the one pictured here is the indoor camera). But both have the same basic features. No matter where you are in the world, you can tune into real-time updates 24/7 with this gadget. The Nest Cam sends you alerts if its lens detects any suspicious people or activity in your home.

Manufactured by no less than Google, this well-designed camera has a 130° wide-angle HD view which also has the ability to take snapshots and video clips. It also has a built-in speaker and microphone which enables you to speak and listen through the Nest app.

So, where do you buy these amazing home security system gadgets? You can buy them from the manufacturers themselves, or you can score them from other online stores. Read home security system reviews to help you decide what kind of home security system gadget you need.