Choosing the Best Lock Company in the US

A secure home is one of the most comforting things in people’s lives. It is an excellent source of mental peace for the homeowners to know that their property is safe and the dwellers’ lives are not at risk. Besides additional security measures, including installing surveillance cameras and screens or appointing a high-end alarm system, the basic security measure is to choose a reliable company for door locks.

Why Do You Need the Best Lock Company?


When any unfathomable incident occurs, it is the safety of the loved ones that people worry about the most. Parents can safely go to work every day, knowing that their children and caretaker are safe at home. Choosing the best lock company in the US is also important because it can let you have the peace of mind you deserve. 

Imagine constantly calling and checking on your family while you are away to see if they are okay. Imagine not sleeping soundly at night because every creak you hear makes you think someone has broken into your house. It is not a sane way of living. Thus, choosing the most popular and reliable lock companies in the US is extremely important for your physical and mental wellbeing. 

Best Lock Companies in the US 

1. Kwikset Lock Brand 

Kwikset is one of the top residential lock-making companies in the country and has been in business since 1946. Kwikset has an effective research department that taps into the needs of its customers and develops residential locks accordingly. One of the main reasons customers love Kwikset locks is its ability to understand how people want their loved ones and belongings safe. 

Kwikset SmartKey Lock Technology

One of Kwikset’s most effective lock technologies is its patented SmartKey locks. These highly secure deadbolts include a keyless entry option and reliable combination locks. Kwikset introduced this technology in 2009, and the best thing about this was that Kwikset made these locks available in all box-packed products.

Choosing Kwikset as the reliable partner for securing your home protects you from two of the most common break-in methods, including lock bumping and picking. Moreover, in case of an unreturned or lost key, Kwikset locks offer you a re-key option to set up new entry systems in the same locks without the hassle of changing them.   

Kwikset also offers the touchpad electronic deadbolt to increase the security of your home through home automation technology and security networks. Kwikset locks are also popular outside of the US in countries including Australia and Canada. 

2. Yale Locks 

Yale Lock Company is named after its founder, Linus Yale, who started the business by opening his first shop in 1840. Initially, all the locks by Yale Company were handmade. However, after opening a new shop in Newport, USA, Linus Yale designed the pin-tumbler lock. 

One of the safest and most secure locks by Yale is the cylinder pin-tumbler lock, which is very similar to an Egyptian lock. This cylinder pin-tumbler lock entails a rotating mechanism compared to the conventional Egyptian sliding mechanism. Due to this mechanism, Yale locks are trusted not to open without the correct key. 

The motto of Yale Lock Company resonates with the common people and makes these locks more popular. Their guiding principle is that freedom of the mind enriches people while fear only makes us poor. Choosing the Yale electronic security systems puts your mind at ease and gives you the freedom to enjoy life as it should be. 

Smart Locking Solutions Offered by Yale 

Yale has also introduced the king of digital security to keep up with technological advancements in the security industry. Its smart locking solutions offer a wide range of lock systems that let consumers secure their homes in the safest manner possible. 

These digital locks by Yale are called Smart Living Series and include Digital Door Viewer, Smart Door Lock, Smart Alarm, etc. The best thing about these digital locks is that they put the homeowners in control of the security. 

Users can receive smart alerts, have various access controls, and use compatible apps to have their homes secured yourself. The app helps users unlock in case of losing a key and turns off the alarm when you want someone trustworthy to go in without you. 

3. Schlage

Schlage is also a well-known and trusted lock company in the US. It offers the most secure home and commercial locks, including Deadbolts, Levers, Knobs, electronic locks, Handlesets, and smart locks. Schlage Company uses high-quality, premium metal construction locks that ensure extreme security for your home or office. 

Schlage light commercial grade deadbolts are the best as these provide maximum security. Another great feature of Schlage locks is their easy installation process. These locks can be installed using a single tool only. Schlage locks are secure and have posh furnish, making your home look like it has just materialized from a top interior decorating magazine. 

Schlage Sense Smart is the best locking mechanism for customers. It is Bluetooth-enabled and has an illuminated that lets you enter the security code via the touchpad or your smartphone. Moreover, Schlage has you covered if you forget your entry code, as Schlage Sense Smart has about 19 to 100 access codes stored for your convenience. It also offers the ease of creating one-time entry codes for guests and then deleting them afterward. 

4. Medeco 

Medeco has become synonymous with unpickable locks. This lock company has the reputation of manufacturing the most trusted and secure locks that are almost impossible to pick. For purchasing Medeco locks and issuing keys, it is essential to present a valid ID and Medeco card. The same goes for getting a duplicate key issued. It significantly decreases the likelihood of anyone having the key to your lock other than you. 

Some of the most well-known and trusted lock systems offered by Medeco include: 

  • Medeco maximum deadbolts 
  • Medeco Key-in knob and lever cylinders 
  • Medeco interchangeable cores 
  • Medeco key management system 
  • Padlocks 
  • Medeco export cylinders 
  • Cam locks 
  • Cabinet locks 
  • Banking security locks 

5. Mul-T-Lock 

Mul-t-lock offers one of the most advanced security systems and lock mechanisms. Its deadbolt is the safest form of security and has proved to be the top compared to other lock companies’ deadbolts. Mul-t-lock manufactures deadbolts in a fully enclosed case that retains a ball bearing with the deadlatch. 

Upon closing the deadbolt by Mul-t-lock, there is no way to open this high-quality mechanism without the correct key, as the ball bearing and deadlatch are inseparable without the right key. The key for high-security locks manufactured by Mul-t-locks is also nothing ordinary. 

It entails side dimples and magnets to make lock opening or cracking without the right key almost impossible. Also, due to strict protocols for getting a duplicate key issued by Mul-t-lock, there is no chance of anyone getting their hands on your key. Some of the top products by Mul-t-lock include: 

  • Key platforms 
  • Cylinders 
  • Padlocks 
  • Locksets 

Make an Informed Decision 

Nothing is more important than securing your home, family, and belongings. If a lock company offers what makes you sleep peacefully at night, it should be your first choice. The technological locks companies provide a wide range of controls over your security systems. Compatibility of the lock system with your phone is another added layer of security we all need in these times of security risks. And here are some tips to ensure that your elderly loved ones are always safe.