Can You Use Robots for Home Defense?

Robot home defense becoming a norm in modern society, is bound to become the next step in the development of robotic defense and security. The utilization of security robots in places such as malls and public areas has played a huge part in making the public more comfortable with the concept of robots as security devices.And this has also helped in making robot home defense a more viable option in the public eye.

The use of robots as a means of home defense and surveillance is uncommon today, and a sizable portion of the public has robots patrolling their property, keeping them and their property safe. Robots patrolling for the protection of the citizens is not just a thing of fictional novels anymore; it has become a reality.

Even though robots and AI technology have gotten a bad name in the past, thanks to Hollywood, the normalization of these robots in malls, offices, and public areas has allowed a large portion of the population to get past the far-fetched idea of robots taking over the world and becoming humanities overlord.

Robot Home Defense vs. Conventional Security Systems

These robots have unique advantages over stationary security cameras, the biggest of which is mobility. This mobility makes them a much more reliable means of home defense by eliminating blind spots, which is a common problem with conventional security cameras. Another advantage of security robots is the capability of investigating a possible intrusion from the safety of your home/surveillance room.

A security robot can also traverse to and investigate an intrusion if a sensor is triggered and then trigger an alarm on its own. This can help you keep surveillance on a property not often visited by you while also reducing the number of false alarms compared to security cameras.

On the other hand, the presence of the robot patrolling a property can deter a possible intruder. Although these robots are not dependable, they are still more reliable than most other alternatives.

Top 5 Defense Robots for Home Security

In order to help you chose the best defense robot for you if you are looking for one, we have compiled a list of the top 5 defense robots on the market:

1. Lynx Amazon Alexa Enabled Robot

Lynx Amazon Alexa Enabled Robot

Made by the tech giant Amazon, don’t be fooled by the cuteness of this robot. Equipped with 1080p cameras with facial detection and PIR sensors to detect motion and changes in light, this humanoid bot goes into surveillance mode when you are not at home. While in surveillance mode, Lynx will surveil your house and alert you on your phone upon detecting any unfamiliar person or intruder entering your home, and you can ask Lynx to take a picture of the unfamiliar person. If the PIR sensors are triggered, Lynx makes a short 30 seconds video.

You can see, hear and speak through lynx in avatar mode, allowing you to be there even if you are not! Lynx can be controlled using either voice commands or with a mobile phone app. Moreover, Lynx is also Alexa-enabled, cute, can dance, can say hi, and will also hug you.

2. Super Droid Robots 4WD Robot Platform

Super Droid Robots 4WD Robot PlatformComing in at number two is SuperDroid Robots 4WD made by SuperDroid Robots. It is an ATR (All Terrain Robot), making it perfect for outdoor surveillance. Coming fully assembled and functional out of the box, this robot is equipped with four heavy-duty planetary gear 285 rpm motor with 4-inch semi-pneumatic wheels. This robot is extremely maneuverable and ready to traverse outdoor terrains right away.

SuperDroid Robots 4WD is made for rougher terrain, so if that’s what you need, this is the robot for you. It isn’t called ATR for nothing.

Moreover, it is remote controlled with a speed of 200 feet per minute. You can surveil your whole house remotely and easily, allowing you access to those areas of your property that some other entries in this list will have a hard time getting to. The battery life of the robot is around 2-3 hours. Even though the battery life is not great, it is still one of the best options for outdoor surveillance.

3. Riley Home Camera Robot

Riley home monitoring robot boasts a 5 Mega Pixel camera with night vision, Wi-Fi enabled remote control, self-docking charging, and two-way audio communication. Riley is a silent, working, user-friendly robot with motion detection. It sends a notification to your phone as soon as it detects motion combined with its high definition camera and night vision. It is capable of face recognition.

It uses Wi-Fi in order to communicate with the user, and its two-way audio communication allows you to listen to very low sounds easily. As for charging, it docks automatically in order to charge, freeing you from

Riley supports both iOS and Android, allowing you to control it completely from either. Upon detecting motion, Riley sends an alert to your mobile phone along with a video or picture. It is also worth noting that this robot is very affordable compared to other security robots on this list.

4. Jamor Home Security Robot Car

Jamor Home Security Robot Car

Jamor is another highly affordable Defense robot that comes equipped with a high definition camera. It connects directly to your phone using Wi-Fi, giving you full control of the device. With a standby battery life of 8 hours and 360-degree steering,Jamor is quite maneuverable.

Jamor is capable of mobile panoramic view allowing a 360-degree view. It is fully controlled by your mobile phone. Although Jamor is not the perfectoption out there, its affordable price and good performance make up for what it lacks.

5. KuWFi Cloud Home Security IP Camera Robot

KuWFi Cloud Home Security IP Camera Robot

Unlike hi-fi home defense robots, this one is a simple camera robot equipped with a smart Wi-Fi camera that detects movements, records them, and alarms you instantly. Not only this, but this cute little robot is also equipped with a mic and speaker for two-way audio communication. Moreover, you can also view the live footage with the help of its P2P technology.

For example, if you are not at your house and want to see what’s going on in your house at the moment, you can use the app and monitor everything remotely. What we love about it is its affordable price. It doesn’t matter if you are low on budget, this camera robot is one of the best affordable options to go for.


Technology is advancing at a tremendous rate, and there are yet many advances to be made in the field of robotic home defense. But this futuristic technology is with us now, and it is quite reliable. These robots keep you safe while doing the side job of looking cute and entertaining you.

If you are on a budget and want to buy a robot for your home defense, we suggest you go for Riley Home Safety Robot. It is moveable and can keep track of suspicious things.