Burglar Alarms Info Article

When it comes to the security of your home, you don’t take chances. You have to make sure that everything is secure inside and around your comfort zone and keep it well protected from intruders.

If you are into home security for the first time, one of the things you should consider is to know about burglar alarms. A well-equipped alarm will have the power to scare off intruders, so you have to consider this very thoughtfully first before purchasing a burglar alarm system.

There are three common types of burglar alarms to choose from: dummy, bells-only and monitored. Find out what these different alarms are and how they work in deterring burglars from entering your home.

1) Dummy alarm

Also known as a fake burglar alarm, a dummy alarm is the simplest and the cheapest option. The idea behind it is also simple and good. You’d buy something that looks like a working burglar alarm, and any potential intruder would think twice about trying to enter anyone’s home.

There are some good dummy alarms that look like the real thing and they do prevent home invasions. Howvever, most people would not recommend dummy alarms, as any professional burglar will be able to detect a fake alarm from a real one just by looking at it from a distance. Good idea, though.

2) Bells-only

Also called audible alarm systems, the bells-only burglar alarm sounds off when it detects a break-in. So the noise is the only deterrent against potential home invaders. Usually, the external alarm goes on for a maximum of 20 minutes. The internal alarm and outdoor light, on the other hand, continue to flash until the system is turned off.

If you live in a low-risk neighborhood, the bells-only alarm can be a good option. Unmonitored systems can also be used at homes that do not have much significant valuables.

Bells-only alarms are not usually connected to a call center or a police station, so police won’t arrive at the scene unless there’s a strong evidence of a crime taking place in the house (a witness, for example).

3) Monitored System

Monitored systems are ideal if you live in an area with a fairly high crime rate. A monitored burglar alarm system is connected to an external security company, such as a call center or a police station. You will pay a fee every month and what this gets you is a private security company to monitor your system.

When your alarm goes off, the signal will be sent by your system to a call center, who will then wait for you to type in the password that they have given. In case you do not or cannot do this, the call center will notify one of your designated key holders (your neighbors, for example) or they will call the police.

So where do you live? How much crime does your neighborhood have? Do you have a support network? Answer these three questions and you’re well on the way to having your home secured. There’s no rush. Take it easy and read over the options again before deciding which type of alarm you need.