Baseball Bat Taser – Are They Legal?

Knowing how to defend yourself and having the right tools to do so is extremely important. However, carrying weapons is often both illegal and dangerous for normal people. Therefore, governments have to make laws regarding them. These laws are in place to help protect you from any potential harm using weapons such as guns, tasers, and stun guns. 

A taser is essentially an electroshock weapon. It is used in situations when you are in danger and want to temporarily incapacitate someone. Once a taser is used on a person, they can be approached and dealt with by relative authorities. Such a weapon helps buy you extra time and is invaluable if you are in a difficult situation and do not know how to get out of it. 

Despite tasers and their different variations being super useful to protect one’s self, it is also a dangerous weapon that can be misused and used to cause harm to other people. Therefore, there are certain laws regarding using baseball tasers, tasers, and stun guns.

Are they legal everywhere?

Are they legal everywhere

No, stun guns and tasers are not legal everywhere. However, within the US, it is legal in most states. Rhode Island and Hawaii have banned the use of tasters and stun guns which makes them the only two states to make stun guns and tasers illegal. It is important to note that different US codes regulate firearms by stating that firearms also include those that rely on conducted energy. This clause, therefore, includes stun guns and tasers such as baseball bat tasers.

Most states of the US claims that electric stun gun is a defensive weapon because it is not designed to cause death or serious physical injury. Therefore, in most states, a baseball bat taser would be considered a defensive weapon and therefore legal.

Can normal people use stun guns? 

There are many situations where the rules differ on whether or not a regular person can own and carry a stun gun or a weapon of that nature. Ultimately it comes down to the circumstances.

In California, for example, you can own and carry a taser or a stun gun as they are not considered a firearm. However, they are considered dangerous weapons. Therefore, they are subject to the laws of dangerous weapons. These laws are different depending on the state. In Arizona, for example, you cannot even point a device such as a baseball bat taser at a peace officer. However, in California, using a taser or a stun gun on a peace officer is considered a criminal offense.

Laws regarding stun guns

Laws regarding stun guns

Out of the 50 states in 48 of them, you can legally carry a self-defense weapon such as a stun gun as long as it is only for self-defense purposes and not to hurt innocent people. Secondly, you must also not have a felony record. If you do, you are automatically banned from carrying a self-defense weapon such as a stun gun or a taser. Additionally, you must also be of age and not a minor. Minors are not permissible by law to carry around self-defense weapons.


In most states, you can carry a stun gun or a taser with virtually no problem. However, in several states, such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, you need to have a permit to carry any self-defense weapon such as a baseball bat taser.

Here are some particulars about owning stun guns and tasers in different situations.


In no state are minors allowed to own any defensive weapons such as a stun gun or a taser. Additionally, it is illegal to even deal with minors regarding defensive weapons. If you are caught selling, leasing, renting, giving, or bartering a device, such as a stun gun or taser to a minor, you could be penalized. 

In schools

The law also makes it such that owing dangerous weapons that can main and harm a person, cannot be taken into specific locations. One of these locations includes schools and hospitals. Many states have criminalized the possession of such a weapon within areas like schools. For example, in Michigan, it is illegal to carry a concealed stun gun inside a school and private daycare center. You can also not carry a dangerous self-defense weapon within a stadium, bar, tavern, entertainment facility, hospital, dormitory, etc. Such laws are consistent through several states.


In almost all the states, you could be punished by law for the use of stun guns and tasers to assault someone. The law criminalizes all usage of self-defense weapons in any case other than self-defense. Used in any other capacity, you could be faced with criminal charges. Therefore, you could be imprisoned for up to a year.


In the case of police and peace officers, they can carry such weapons with them and are permissible by law to do so. However, they require training and certification before being allowed to carry any self-defense weapon. For example, those peace officers allowed by the state to carry tasers and stun guns need to undergo training and receive a certificate. They have to carry this certificate with them to carry and use the weapon. 

Baseball tasers available

Now that we are aware of all the laws in place for those who want to carry a taser or stun gun for their own safety and peace of mind, let’s take a look at some of the top baseball bat tasers available on the market.

The JOLT MEGA 22 inch Rechargeable LED Stun Gun Baton

The Jolt Mega is an intimidating stun gun baton that measures over 22 inches long. Aluminum alloy makes up the body of this baton, and its intimidating looks are sure to scare away anyone who intends to cause you harm. It has defensive spikes that line the entire length of it, and it also has built-in LED lights. These lights work in five different light modes. These light modes are maximum, minimum, low, SOS, and strobe. These lights are included so you can temporarily blind a person. While the person is incapacitated, you can call for help. This baton is also useful for glass breaking as it comes with an attachment that can be attached to the end. This use can be invaluable when you are in a situation where you need to break glass in order to escape.

KWIK FORCE® MINI 12″ Rechargeable LED Stun Gun Baton

The KWIK uses high quality and heavy-duty aluminum for its body which allows it to look impressively threatening. With its 12 inch length, this stun gun is a double spark stun gun and is, therefore, great for self-defense. Additionally, it protects against accidental discharges as it has a safety switch feature. There is also an option that allows for hands-free carrying. It is a swivel keychain clip that you can attach to your belt or keyring. This stun gun is both lightweight and durable, which means that it can protect you for a long time to come. Furthermore, it is super powerful as it is a 16M volt stun gun that can stop anyone in their tracks. 

Tactical BAT Style LED Flashlight Heavy Duty Stun Gun

This bat-style LED stun gun is designed to protect you from people who want to harm you and has all the features that allow you to do so. The length of this bat-style stun gun is 19 inches. This length is formidable enough for attackers to reconsider targeting you and comfortable enough for you to carry. It also has a million volts stun gun which can incapacitate a person if needed. There is also a safety switch, which is extremely beneficial as it can help prevent any accidents from happening. A belt clip is also included in this stun gun which allows you to carry it hands-free. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this stun gun is sure to scare off any potential criminals. This bat-style stun gun also contains a self-defense bright LED that can temporarily impair a person’s vision so you can run to safety.

Thunder Blast Heavy Duty Mini Baseball Bat Baton Stun Gun with Flashlight

The Thunderblast Baseball bat stun gun is multifunctional, as it allows you to both stun a persona and also shine a bright flashlight in their face. This flashlight is perfect for self-defense as it allows you the chance to run and call for help. The overall length of this bat is 17.25 inches, and it is constructed using Type III Aluminium Alloy. It contains three function flashlights and a high voltage stun mechanism to stop the attacker in their spot. Having durable construction, the Thunder Blast is a safe to use device that can others great harm if they pose a threat to you.


A baseball bat taser is a useful self-defense weapon to carry around if you feel threatened. However, certain laws and regulations must be checked before you do so. It is important to be aware of whether or not it is legal to carry self-defense weapons where you live. The article has also detailed more about the legal issues regarding self-defense weapons. When you know the law, it is important that you choose the right taser or stun gun for you. Check out the article to find some good contenders.