Baldwin Door Locks

Baldwin LocksBaldwin door locks are among the highest quality and most beautiful locks in the world. These locks are made to last a lifetime. Grab a Baldwin knob and turn it and you can feel the quality of the lock. There is little play in the handle, it is solid feeling and turns smoother than any lock you likely have ever used.

Baldwin Door Locks

Baldwin was founded by Severin Fayerman shortly after arriving in America in 1945. Baldwin started with a single product, a brass stamped letter box in Newark New Jersey. By the end of the 1940’s, Baldwin began producing its first brass forged door locks and the rest is history. Now Baldwin produces hundreds of products from door knockers to electronic door locks. In 2003, Baldwin was bought out by Black & Decker but retained its name and still produces perhaps the best lock ever made.

Baldwin door locks and other hardware cannot be purchased cheaply. A Baldwin door knob will cost as much as 15 times more than a standard knob found on most doors. One benefit to this is that there will be no need to replace your hardware every 5 to 10 years as you do with the lower cost locks commonly found on residential homes.

Baldwin KnobBaldwin Knobs
Baldwin door locks makes perhaps the highest quality forged solid brass knobs known to man. Baldwin knobs are heavy, solid and smooth to operate. There are over 60 different styles of Baldwin door knobs that include privacy and entrance options. Each knob design is available in many different finishes. Baldwin has over 20 different finishes available on their solid brass knobs.

Baldwin knobs range in price from as low as $40 and commonly as high as $150 depending on design, function and finish. All Baldwin knobs are great quality, just be sure to purchase the proper lock for your door.

Baldwin LeverBaldwin Levers

Baldwin levers are all also solid brass. Each lever is unique and solid forged out of brass. There are over 75 different lever styles available and over 20 different finishes.

Baldwin levers range in price from as low as $40 and commonly as high as $225 depending on design, function and finish. As with all Baldwin door locks, Baldwin levers are great quality and can be counted on to provide many, many years of smooth use.

Baldwin DeadboltBaldwin Deadbolts

Baldwin Deadbolts are a beautiful addition to your doors security. A deadbolt provides far more security than a knob or lever type lock. Baldwin deadbolts utilize heavy gauged steel for the bolt resulting in great door protection. Most Baldwin deadbolts are ANSI/BHMA A 156.13 Grade 1. Baldwin deadbolts are available in single cylinder, double cylinder and they even have a patio function deadbolt. Baldwin produces several deadbolt designs all of which are high quality and dependable. Baldwin deadbolts are available in over 20 different finishes. When purchasing a Baldwin deadbolt, you can expect to pay anywhere from $25 up to $150 depending on finish, function and style.

Baldwin HandlesetBaldwin Entrance Locks

Baldwin entrance locks come in many different styles and lock types. These locks can be as cheap as $80 and can run as high as $1000. Most entrance sets include a deadbolt and a door latch handle, thumb or leverset below. Baldwin produces over 75 designs to customize your door and over 20 different finishes. Installing a Baldwin entrance lock on your front door will result in a customized and beautiful door that will last a lifetime.

Baldwin Electronic DeadboltBaldwin Keyless Entry Locks

Baldwin keyless entry locks utilize a 6 button keypad to operate an electronic deadbolt allowing you to gain access to your home without the use of keys. This is a huge benefit for people who lock themselves out on a regular basis, people with kids so there are no lost keys and people who just don’t like to carry around keys. Regardless of your reason, the Baldwin keyless electronic lock is a great product made of high quality components.

To open a Baldwin keyless entry lock, just enter your code and the deadbolt will unlock. When leaving, you can lock the door by simply pressing the lock symbol in the middle of the keypad numbers and your ready to go. I have a similar lock installed on my home and they have saved me so much hassle over the years. If you are looking for great quality, good security and an easy to use convenient lock – the Baldwin keyless entry deadbolt is the lock for you.