Self Defense Tips

Women’s Self Defense Products Made Just For A Woman

NOTE: This information is not provided as general advice only.  Also be sure to check your state and local laws if these can be legally utilized.

Women’s self defense products are made to blend in to the everyday life of a woman. The products below are neat and effective. I love these products.

Taser C2 Self Defense DeviceThe Taser C2 is by far one of the most effective and powerful devices for self defense. The C2 shoots 2 electric probes out of the front which can go up to 15 feet and are designed to stick into an attackers cloths or skin. When it is fired 50,000 volts of non-lethal electricity will run through the wires and into the attacker leaving them unable to do much of anything but fall to the ground. These come in pink, blue, black and silver. These may be the most effective non-lethal self defense device, but it is also one of the more expensive running about $350.00 each.

Lipstick Pepper SprayThe best way to hide a self defense product is to put it where it won’t be noticed. The Lipstick Pepper Spray is a great covert product that is made just for woman. These sprays will blend into your purse looking just like lipstick or next to your bed like they are not even there. This is an effective pepper spray that will stop attackers in their tracks.

Stunring Self Defense SprayThe pepper spray ring is truly a cool item that is always ready when you need it. The pepper spray ring comes in gold and silver (not real gold or silver) and is available in a variety of sizes. You can expect to get 2-3 sprays out of each fill. The only down side is that you must be in close contact with the attacker because the ring only has an effective range of about 12 inches.

Hot Walkers Pepper SprayIf you spend time jogging, running or walking, these are for you. The Hot Walkers are a set of 1 pound each hot walkers contain a nice dose of 10% pepper spray that will fend off attackers and dogs. The best thing about these is that they are in your hand and ready to go when needed. One of the best things about this unit is if you use the spray – Mace will replace it for free. This is a great womens self defense product.

Tornado Pepper Spray, Alarm & Security LightThe Tornado Self Defense Device – is a great self defense device that combines pepper spray, an alarm and a security light in one device. One of the best features of the Tornado is that it is always ready. Unlike other pepper sprays, the tornado is ready as soon as you grab it. There is no fumbling around for the trigger or digging it out of your purse. The Tornado has several accessories that will assist you in your daily activities including a arm band, vehicle mount and home wall mount.