Reasons to Attach a Safe to the Floor

Sometimes, it is not necessary to buy a safe. But to secure your belongings, the safe should be fixed somewhere, and the best place to fix your safe is the floor of your house.  Here are the advantages of attaching the safe to the floor.

Advantages of Attaching a Safe to the Floor 

The safe and security department always recommendsbolting down the safe with the floor. A common question asked by people to the security department is how to make their safe secure from the burglars? Investing in safe is a perfect way to protect precious things and important documents. Besides buying a safe, you should also install it correctly to protect your important documents, cash, and jewelry. And the best suggestion is bolting down the safe. Doing this will increases the security of the safe tremendously.

When the safe is not fixed to the floor,thieves will always find a way to open it up no matter how heavy and secure it is. They can even move the safe out and then break it easily to access cash and jewelry. Therefore, it is highly recommended to select a safe that can be fixed to the floor. Moreover, fixing the safe with the floor protects it from thieves and is also beneficial for the owner’s safety. Here are the two main reasons why a safe should be attached to the floor:

1. Burglar Attacks

Robbers and safe wafers realize that any safe can be penetrated with sufficient opportunity and exertion. The main reason for bolting down the safe to the floor is that it makes more resistance to burglary attacks. In case that thieve don’t know that you have a safe in your house then it is not easy for them to take away your precious things. And it takes time for them to find the safe first.

So, it is not a big problem as you can reach on time. But if they know the safe location, they will have much time to rob your cash and jewelry. In case if the security of your safe is strong enough that burglars can’t open it at your house, they can even move the safe out of the house through an appliance dolly (wheel), and then they will have unlimited time to open it up. But if the safe is securely attached to the floor, then it is not going anywhere. Even if the burglars use their full body weight and arm strength, they can’t take it out. Therefore, bolting the safe with the floor is like another protecting shield for your precious belongings.

In this way, a safe is a natural obstacle to somebody who has unlawfully trespassed into your home. If a robber were to see the safe, the first thing they would do is an endeavor to move it, and when that brought about a non-mover, they’d proceed onward. The significance of dashing down a safe can’t be focused on enough, and that goes for even the heaviest models.

2. Protection of the Owner of the Safe 

Most security safes are quite heavy. And you don’t want the safe to fall on you. Surprisingly the biggest reason for bolting down the safe is related to your own safety. Bolting down the safe prevents it from tipping over onto someone. If it is not fixed to the floor, there is a high possibility that it might tip over when you open its door and result in some major injury. To prevent any injury, it is highly recommended to bolt down the safe. Hence, fixing the safe to the ground is essential for the safety of you and your family.

Following are some of the top-asked questions that customers ask safe and security experts while bolting down the safe. You might get some help by reading their answers.

1. Should The Safe Be Fixed In The Wall Or In The Floor? 

To fix the safe, the floor is the perfect spot. Because if the safe is fixed to the wall, there could be a chance that burglars may break the wall to move the safe out of the house. But in case if safe is attached to the floor (especially the concrete floor), it will be tough to remove it.

2. What is The Best Place to Fix the Safe With? 

The best surface where you can bolt down your safe is the concrete floor. And while fixing, it is essential to use an in-concrete expansion anchor. By doing this, it would be impossible for the burglars to pry from the ground. In some cases, people ask to attach the safe to the wooden floor. The wooden floor could also be the option. But if you are fixing it to the wooden floor, you should make sure that you use coach bolts.

3. Where Should We Fix The Safe If We Have A Carpet? 

It is a commonly asked question by the customers. There is no problem at all if you have carpet over your wooden or concrete floor. To bolt down the safe to the floor, cut the part of the carpet where you have to fix the safe and then fix it to the ground.

4. What Should Be The Ideal Location To Bolt Down The Safe? 

The ideal location where you can fix your safe to the floor is in the bedroom and basement area. The bedroom is a perfect spot to fix the safe as it will afford a high level of privacy and is not easily accessible.

To protect the safe from burglar attacks, it should be placed at an ideal location inside your house, and the basement could be an option. This is because a basement is not easily accessible and is a hidden part of your home.

5. How Should I Fix the Safe in a Rented Property? 

If youlive in a rented property, you should take permission from the landlord before drilling the holes in the floor to fix it. And in such cases, permanent adhesives should not be used to fix the safe because it will be challenging to move it from one house to another. And while shifting, it may damage the floor, so permission from the landlord is necessary.


All in all, fixing your safe to the floor of your home improves the security and durability. If it is not fixed to the floor, criminals can knock the safe on its side and utilize their body-weight to pry it open. So, whenever you get a safe, bolt it down to the floor as an extra protecting shield, because getting a solid safe is not the only thing you would have to do to protect your documents, cash, and jewelry. You must put the safe in the right place and bolt it tightly for 100% security of your belongings.