North Dakota Expandable Laws

NOTE: This information is not provided as legal advice. Always consult a lawyer and seek legal guidance.

North Dakota Century Code Title 62.1. Weapons § 62.1-01-01. General definitions

1. “Dangerous weapon” includes any switchblade or gravity knife, machete, scimitar, stiletto, sword, dagger, or knife with a blade of five inches [12.7 centimeters] or more;  any throwing star, nunchaku, or other martial arts weapon;  any billy, blackjack, sap, bludgeon, cudgel, metal knuckles, or sand club;  any slungshot;  any bow and arrow, crossbow, or spear;  any weapon that will expel, or is readily capable of expelling, a projectile by the action of a spring, compressed air, or compressed gas, including any such weapon, loaded or unloaded, commonly referred to as a BB gun, air rifle, or CO2 gun;  and any projector of a bomb or any object containing or capable of producing and emitting any noxious liquid, gas, or substance.

“Dangerous weapon” does not include a spray or aerosol containing CS, also known as ortho-chlorobenzamalonitrile;  CN, also known as alpha-chloroacetophenone;  or other irritating agent intended for use in the defense of an individual, nor does the term include a device that uses voltage for the defense of an individual, unless the device uses a projectile and voltage or the device uses a projectile and may be used to apply multiple applications of voltage during a single incident, then the term includes the device for an individual who is prohibited from possessing a firearm under this title.


North Dakota Century Code Title 62.1. Weapons § 62.1-04-02. Carrying concealed firearms or dangerous weapons

1. An individual, other than a law enforcement officer, may not carry a firearm or dangerous weapon concealed unless the individual is licensed to do so or exempted under this chapter.

2. An individual who is not otherwise precluded from possessing a class 2 firearm and dangerous weapon license under this chapter and who has possessed for at least one year a valid driver’s license or nondriver identification card issued by the department of transportation may carry a firearm concealed under this chapter.


In the first excerpt, “dangerous weapons” also include billy, blackjack, sap, bludgeon, cudgel and sand club.

In the second excerpt, anyone may not be allowed to carry a firearm or a dangerous weapon. Only members of the law enforcement and individuals who have at least one year valid driver’s license or any identification card, are only allowed to carry a firearm or a dangerous weapon.

If you would like to know if it is permissible to carry or possess a collapsible or expandable baton in North Dakota – whether openly or in a concealed manner – it is best to consult your lawyer and/or local law enforcement regarding this matter.