ZOSI Surveillance Camera Kit with 8-Channel 720p AHD H-264 (no hard drive) Article

ZOSI 8CH HD-TVI 1080N Video CCTV DVR Security SystemMore and more people recommend a home security system with a camera (and rarely they do without it). There are three reasons: First, a camera provides a deterrent; second, it provides evidence leading to indictment; third, with the mobile connectivity most of them got, a camera provides you images of your house when you’re away.

Cameras are the most important part of your home security set-up and every homeowner loves them. This article checks out the ZOSI Surveillance Camera Kit with 8-Channel 720p to see whether it serves the three purposes above. Also explored on this article is its functions, and its affordability.

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  • 8 cameras
  • 720p
  • Mobile viewing and recording
  • Motion detection
  • Nice App


  • No hard drive

Setting it up

It’s a cabled system so it means you don’t hook the cameras up and waiting for a connection; instead you actually have to do some work here like running cables up walls. But don’t be overwhelmed: it’s not that hard to set this whole thing up, and place the cameras in any desired positions in your house. Once all of the cameras are installed, then the system should detect them within minutes, and you’re good to go.

It takes about an hour to set up the ZOSI Surveillance Camera Kit, so it’s not that long.

Eight cameras

The ZOSI Surveillance Camera Kit has eight 720p cameras and the price is around $150 so it’s a good value for your money. The cameras themselves display good clear images as you’d expect at that resolution and with there being so many you can place them both inside and outside of the home.

The cameras are fixed — they won’t turn or pivot but considering the price, they’re still a good catch. However, they do have night vision up to 65 feet so they cover a large grid. The night vision also turns on automatically, so it’s a big convenience as you don’t have to be reminded when to turn it on. It also has about the same size grid during the day so they will cover 360 degrees around the house unless you have a big house. The cameras provide very good quality images. You couldn’t have asked for more.

No hard drive

The biggest setback about this system is the lack of hard drive, so it means no recording straight out of the box. You have to go out and buy a hard drive yourself. You can get a 1 TB hard drive for about $50 taking this price up to about $200 for the whole deal. If you want a smaller hard drive, then go for the 500 GB one. Once you get your own hard drive installed, you can start recording on this 24 hours a day if you want to.

The price of the whole system is still excellent even with the separate hard drive that you’ve bought yourself. You only have to assess whether it’s additional trouble to make two separate purchases. While many people won’t mind doing that, other people would only wish all systems should come with a hard drive.


Once you have the hard drive installed, you encounter four recording options:

First option: You can set the system to record 24 hours a day, and with a 1 TB hard drive you’d get about 25 full days of recordings.

Second option: You could set the system to record only when the movement is detected by one of the cameras.

Third option: You could set schedule on recordings at certain times of the day when you need footage.

Fourth option: You could record at a location away form the house through using ZOSI’s mobile app. So it’s quite flexible.


You all want connectivity. These days people look for it and there’s a VGA output here so you could link that up to your computer. There’s also a USB backup so you will be able to transfer the recordings from one device to another in case the hard drive experience some problems. However, there’s no IR remote though you can’t use your phones as remote controls.

The app

You get to use the mobile app where you are required to create an account and log in. After all these things are done, you will be able to view on all eight channels at any point during the day no matter where you are in the world.

You can also use the app to record as well as view previous recordings. You can also do play, pause, fast-forward and rewind. You get total mobile access to your network which is pretty standard on these devices. The app will also send you notifications if motion is detected inside or around your house. Then you just log in to check what’s happening in your home.

The verdict?

The ZOSI Surveillance Camera Kit doesn’t come with its own hard drive, which is quite a setback, but remember that it costs only $150. So you have to buy your own hard drive for about $50, which is not so pricey. Other than the inconvenience of buying a separate hard drive, this system is good.

The eight cameras will provide complete coverage unless you live in a big house. The pictures are clear, considering that these cameras are 720p. There is also a host of multiple recording options like manual, 24 hour, motion-triggered and mobile recording, so you can say that this system is highly flexible.

The mobile app is good to check the cameras while you’re away from the house. However, there’s no IR remote so you can’t use your phone as a remote control but there is a VGA connection and USB back-up.