Zmodo Wireless Outdoor Indoor Smart Home Security 8ch Article

Zmodo Wireless Outdoor Indoor Smart Home Security
Do you want to know all about the Zmodo Wireless Outdoor Indoor Smart Home Security Camera 8CH. Well, this article will talk about it. You might need eight cameras especially if you live in a very large house, or own a piece of big property. But if you live in a small to medium-sized houses, you won’t need that many security cameras.

Can this unit satisfy your expectations? You will get nothing but honest comments here about this product, be them good or bad.

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  • Great 720p pictures
  • Eight cameras
  • Motion detection
  • Easy set-up
  • Wireless
  • Excellent app
  • 1TB hard drive


  • Pictures are only as good as your Wi-Fi signal


The set up is so easy that even a kid could do it. Go to the app and create your own own account. Next, you’ll be asked for your Wi-Fi password and this is important not providing it means anyone in your neighborhood could log into your system.

After typing in your password, you’ll be given some instructions that will help link all of your cameras to the NVR.  Then your cameras will start producing pictures. It takes only a matter of minutes to do the whole set-up.


The pictures

The pictures provided are excellent. At 720p you can see detail night or day.

The range is around about 65 feet which is pretty good for the price. At one hundred frames per second it’s fast enough to view or record anything so as far as your images go you couldn’t ask for more. There are next to no distortions and hardly any flickers. The night vision is automatic so you don’t have to go to the App for the switch-over and you get a wide angled 2.8mm lens.


Here’s the issue. When companies say wireless, everybody jumps out to buy the product. People love wireless because it’s considered modern. But pictures on a wireless system are only ever going to be as good as your wireless signal. For people who have a good signal, you’re gonna get some great stuff on this. Clear pictures, fast processing, excellent frame rate. But if you have a bad wireless signal, recordings will tend to get slow with lags. The picture quality is amazing, but if you have lags on the phones or tablets you’re using inside the home then you’ll get lags here, so in this case you would rather use a cabled system for those in areas with Wi-Fi disruptions.


You get a massive 1TB Hard Drive. That’s enough for around about 25 days of recording.

It’s more than you’ll ever need actually. Most people store no more than seven full days before recording over the footage.The existence of the hard drive means you don’t have to hook up your computer or buy a hard drive to record. You can record right away.

Given the size of the hard drive many may find the smart technology quite odd. Recordings when nothing happens are in a lower frame rate than recordings when something does happen. It’s meant to save space on your hard drive, but you already have more space than you’ll ever need so it will only benefit users who want maximum recording quantity, and note of the eight cameras of this unit. It doesn’t affect the picture quality or the speed. It’s just odd that even after giving you a 1 TB hard drive they still didn’t think you had enough space.

The app

The app is very easy to use. Just go online, type in your password and go. You’ll be presented with eight Channels. one channel for every camera you have.

Click on whichever channel you want to view and you’ll be seeing live action at your home no matter where you are in the world. You can also do other things like fast-forward, rewind, pause and stop. The options are good and they do provide you additional peace of mind.

Motion detectors

The motion detectors have a wide grid and are passive devices meaning they’ll wait for something to move before going off. As they do not actively seek out for body heat you might want to place the cameras high above plants or bushes. These can sometimes cause false alarms on detectors of this type. They’re very responsive and will detect any break-in.

In event of an alert on the motion detectors, the DVR will automatically record whatever is happening. So don’t worry if you haven’t set the DVR to record that day.

When motion is detected you’ll also get an alert message sent straight to your phone or email account.


Given that it’s wireless, you have to make sure you have a good wireless signal before purchasing this unit because there’s no back-up here. The other concern is that the motion detector is prone to a few false alarms because it doesn’t detect body heat, just movement. Other than these issues, the system is good.

Possibly over-priced but it does offer eight 720p cameras and a 1 TB hard drive. So if you have a medium or large sized home then the Zmodo is quite good. The app is easy to use and the set-up can be done within minutes. The 1 TB hard drive is huge, — bigger enough than you’ll need — enough for 25 days of recordings. You can view live and record live from anywhere in the world giving you extra peace of mind and the whole thing is encrypted so nobody can break in