Best Home Security System for People with Vacation Homes

Owning a vacation home is good because you have a place that you call your own while you’re on a holiday. No need to rent a hotel suite, or to camp out. It’s quite convenient. The problem with vacation homes though, is that they’re difficult to buy security systems for.

First of all, there are two important things that you should have in mind:

1. Range

2. Clarity

Since this is just a vacation home and you’re not going to be there most of the time, so for peace of mind you’ll want to know everything, no matter how far away is being seen. You want to know it’s being seen in good quality too.

You also want durability in a home security system. And the most important thing you need to consider when buying a security system for your vacation home are motion detector alerts with image notifications.

You might be miles away so unless you have image alerts then you won’t know what is happening in your vacation home and you might be calling the police over nothing.

Luckily, there are a number of good home security systems for vacation homes, such as the Zmodo Full 1080p HD 8 Channel 8 Camera sPoE Home Security System.

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  • 1080p
  • Easy set-up
  • Smart motion detection
  • Eight cameras
  • 2 TB hard drive
  • 65 feet of range
  • Excellent remote viewing


  • 71 degree lens angle


The point of having a vacation is to relax and enjoy. So you’re not going to spend much of your holiday on a long set-up of a home security system even if you only have to do it once. Fortunately, the Zmodo Full 1080p HD 8 Channel 8 Camera sPoE Home Security System will take only about five minutes to install.

Just plug in the cords, set the cameras and you’re recording. Everything is designed to start up immediately once the system is turned on.

Eight cameras

I wanted to choose an eight-camera system because some folks will have large vacation homes, or small homes but with some land. Lots of vacation homes have log cabins, others have lake homes and these tend to be in wide open spaces. With eight cameras, you’re going to have complete coverage of the home plus the area the home is set in.

Hard drive

This system does have a hard drive, and in fact it’s a massive one. You get a 2 TB hard drive and that’s about enough for 2 months of recordings before it starts recording over stuff. That’s a lot more space than you’ll need.

Motion detection

You don’t want lots of false alarms as you may have experienced from other motion detectors. Good thing that this system has a smart detection. Smart detection is when your system learns to recognize familiar noises and movements, which it hears every day. It won’t alert you when it detects these because these aren’t threats. So you won’t be getting alerts every five minutes and call the police for that matter.

Instead you will only get alerts when something out of the ordinary happens like a person knocking at the door, or someone trying to get into the window. And whenever anything important does happen you’ll also get a nice photo in the alerts. For a vacation home, the smart detection is totally and absolutely needed. Otherwise you’d be getting dozens of notifications everyday while you’re miles away from the property.


The images are in 1080p and there’s a 65 foot range day and night. They are certainly clear, as they should be at 1080p so no problems there. Now you’ll notice when viewing them for the first time that the angle on the lens is only 71 degrees. This is not a very wide angle. They prevented this from being a major problem by including eight cameras in the purchase.

As it stands the pictures look good even when you’re viewing far away events and the number of cameras means the angle doesn’t come into play.

The app

You sure do need a good app because you’ll be in a completely different place most of the time. The good news here is that you get one. The app is very easy to navigate and you have many options.

You can view one camera at a time with it occupying the whole screen, Or, you can view more than one and as many as all eight cameras at once by splitting the screen.

This is true for both live and recorded footage. You can also fast-forward, rewind or pause footage whenever you want. You can even go straight to an event because it’ll keep all events logged in the memory. You only need the Internet to get on the app so it’s easy to view and you can view on all phones, tablets and computers.


The smart detection was the most critical thing on this system. Vacation homes are supposed to be enjoyed so you don’t want to have constant notifications showing birds flying past. This system will learn the environment and will get used to what is ordinary.

Then when something out of the ordinary happens you’ll get a notification.

This is the only thing you will need to know about and it’s the only thing you’ll be told about. And, because of the large hard drive you’ll have lots of images to scroll back through if you just want to check on the house over a period of weeks.