Withings Home Wi-Fi Security Camera with Air Quality Sensors Review

Withings Home Wi-Fi Security Camera

The Withings Home Wi-Fi Security Camera with Air Quality Sensors is unique in a way that it would be a home security with an emphasis on health, and that it would have some original features that went way beyond home security. If you think about it, you’d go “wow, it’s kind of cool and fun, isn’t it?” So this article checks it out and see what it offers, and whether it would be worth your money or not.

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  • Easy set-up (it only takes about 30 minutes)
  • Good pictures
  • wide angled lens
  • PTZ
  • Excellent app
  • Mobile connectivity


  • Stored recording are not in hard drive

Special Features

Withings Home Wi-Fi Security Camera


The Set-up is pretty reasonable although there is a bit of time needed for the system to be recognized by your Wi-Fi. You place it down, turn it on, download the app and wait. That’s about it. The whole set-up will take about 15-30 minutes and you’re up and running.

There is some overselling here as the manufacturer quotes “30 seconds” for the set-up, but still 15 to 30 minutes is still good.


The manufacturer claims that they have a 1080p camera, but actually, it’s a little less than that. That is probably due to a lower contrast ration. Still, the pictures are good and they do have some great detail.

Are the pictures worth the money? For around $200, it’s a resounding “yes” especially as you can turn and pivot the camera. You can also get zoom and it comes with a 135 degree wide angled lens. Its night vision is good too.

The app

You can go to Withing’s mobile app at any time during the day, whether you’re at home or away to view or record anything you want. If someone breaks into the home then you’ll be sent a video of events to your phone. You can even store recordings on the app.

It gives people peace of mind that they’ll be able to view live footage at the home anytime, anywhere. You can set it to record when noise, motion or air quality alerts the sensor. Or, you can set a recording schedule so it records at certain points of the day.

One big problem, though. Stored videos are in a low resolution so if you’re keeping recordings then they’re not going to be in the hard drive.

What’s the cool and fun part of this system?

If you come to think of it, it’s a bit bizarre that a home security system can create animated sequences. Yes, we’re not kidding on that one.

For instance, you’re having a party at your house. You can use the camera to take a bunch of five second clips for you which it will then animate for you and store.

It’s a lot of fun especially if you have a family, but it has nothing to do with home security. It’s just super-fun. You can watch 48 hours of animated events if you like it that much. You can also use time-lapse to view events and of course view in real-time. For events you don’t want animated, you can use the cloud video to store up to 30 days of footage which is a pretty decent amount.

Motion sensor

You get a great motion sensor here that will record for you any disturbances in the house, Nothing will be missed. It’s a passive sensor, so you know what you’re going to expect — yes, false alarms. Movement from a family pet or curtains being drawn can set it off. It can get a little annoying.

But sensitivity means that in event of a real break-in, you will get an alarm and video sent to your phone. However, there’s no way for you to adjust the motion detection to get rid of the false alarms, which would have been an excellent inclusion.

Air pollution sensor

It doesn’t detect individual chemicals and pollutants. Instead it clumps them all together and counts the number of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) inside the home. When these reach levels that are considered too high then an alarm will go off.

It’s good in the sense that you’ll know when the home is unsafe because of pollutants. It’s also good in the sense that not many home security systems in this price range have this. But the readings you get are very complicated and it’s almost impossible to see or find out which pollutant you have in the room. So you have to take your best guess to solve the problem.

Nevertheless, it can make a good home security system option especially to those who are suffering respiratory problems, such as asthma.


The Air Pollutant Sensor is sort of an odd feature, but it does work well at notifying you when the home is unsafe. Provided you’ve a good idea about what is causing the problem you can take action to solve it.

The motion sensor is also good but prone to false alarms.

The pictures are great but not 1080p like what the manufacturer says. The set-up is fast and easy, but not 30 seconds.

All the way through this system, there are things with problems. There are also some amazing inclusions here. The pictures are fantastic and you get good motion detecting for under $200. They have a good app which allows you to view and record from any location around the world.

The extra animation feature has got nothing to do with home security; still, it is quite cool and it brings loads of fun to your family.