When to Service Fire and Smoke Curtains

Acquiring a fire or smoke curtain is an important thing to do when you have buildings or establishments. They have a vital role in the welfare of the building occupants and also the building itself. They help in stopping the smoke or fire from spreading throughout the building. So, these fire barriers must always be well maintained. Fire and smoke curtains must undergo service and repair regularly to ensure that they still function correctly. That way, building occupants will be confident that they are safe inside the building in the event of a fire. Besides that, servicing your fire and smoke curtains could help you guarantee that your establishment complies with standards, codes, and insurance requirements. But, when is the right time to service a fire or smoke curtain?

two firemen in yellow suit, cream-colored building with glass doors, steel barricades


A fire curtain is a fire-resistant barrier that helps prevent fire from entering and spreading throughout the building premises. Building owners can guarantee everyone’s safety by making sure that all the fire protection systems that they have are functioning correctly. So, fire curtains must always undergo check-up and maintenance. Before the service and repair, you must always check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that what you are doing is correct. Trained and competent maintenance staff must always be the ones to inspect your fire curtains. Also, always have your fire curtains serviced and repaired by the manufacturers.

  • A responsible person must have a series of regular check-ups to the fire curtains.
  • They must operate these fire barriers at least once a month and weekly on escape routes.
  • Fire curtain and smoke control system check-ups must be done at the same time.
  • Service and inspection for fire curtains in huge buildings such as shopping malls, offices, apartment complexes, and retail spaces should be at least six times a month.
  • There should be a yearly service and inspection for fire curtains in small offices and other domestic premises.
  • Fire curtains must be serviced when there are changes in the building’s layout. Changes to the establishment, like wall removals, can affect the effectiveness of the fire curtains.
  • Check your fire curtains after the event of a fire and look for any damages. If there are damages to the curtains, have them repaired as soon as possible.

Maintenance staff must record and log all the fire curtain activities and check-ups every after service and inspection.


Just like fire curtains, smoke curtains must also be serviced annually. Professionals should be the ones to service your smoke curtains to ensure that it is done the right way. During professional servicing, they will check all the parts of your smoke curtains, including the seals and all the connections to your smoke control system and your fire alarms.

  • Smoke curtains undergo routine service six times a month.
  • Apart from the annual testing, building owners must test the smoke curtains once every six months. You never know when a fire could take place. So, it is essential to test your fire barriers to ensure that you can be safe when a disaster arrives.
  • Ask the manufacturers of the smoke curtains how often you should conduct service and maintenance to your curtains.
  • Maintenance staff should also check the smoke curtains for dust and burn particles. When they are evident on the curtains, you should have them serviced and cleaned.
  • When you see wearing parts on your smoke curtains, immediately contact your maintenance staff or professionals for service and repair.
  • With annual testing and weekly servicing, smoke curtains can have a lifespan of 10-20 years before they start degrading.

Like many other products, fire and smoke curtains also undergo degradation after some time. With proper service and maintenance, they could have a longer lifespan and could perform their functions effectively. Always remember to have a regular check-up on your fire and smoke curtains. It is to ensure that they have no defects and are still effective.

Always have professionals and trained maintenance staff to do the check-ups, service, and repair on your smoke and fire curtains. People servicing your fire barriers must know what they are doing so that there will be no malfunctions in your fire and smoke curtains. Have them do the routine service, and your fire and smoke curtains are good to go!

Never disregard the need to service your fire barriers because they play an essential role in securing your people’s safety and protection. Aside from protecting the building’s occupants, these curtains can also protect your establishment from massive damages caused by the fire. A simple servicing could save numerous lives.