Tips for Keeping Wild Animals Away From a Remote Home

Camping is considered by many families one of the most fun activities that you can do outdoors, but there are some parts of this activity that are not as fun as the others, and one of these parts is the constant visit of pests and other animals around your campsite or remote home. The visits of these animals would often mean that some of your food supply may get stolen by them, or a few of your valuable items may get destroyed. So, dealing with these animals can be quite annoying, especially if you don’t exactly know what to do to keep them away.

Luckily, there are several ways for you to repel them and not let them near valuable items and food supplies, and the only things you will need are simple household items and a few neat gadgets. Here are some tips to keep animals away from your remote home.

Make Garlic Spray

Garlic is a natural insect repellent, and turning it into a spray is relatively easy to do on our own. To make garlic spray, all you need are:

  • A spray bottle
  • One head of garlic
  • Four cups of water
  • Two tablespoons of liquid soap

You would need to mix the garlic with the water using a blender and then strain it into a bowl before pouring it on a spray bottle along with two tablespoons of liquid soap. Once the mixture is complete, you can then spray the mixture on the grass surrounding the campsite or your remote home. You can also spray this liquid on plants so that insects won’t eat their leaves.

Light a Campfire

A campfire is arguably one of the best repellents, as most animals have a natural fear of fire and would be afraid to approach. So, you should light a campfire every night in a good location near your remote home. However, you would need to keep an eye on that campfire, as it may get bigger and worse since it can easily spread on grass and plants. Someone should be awake to watch the campfire so that he or she can kill the fire once it gets too big.

Have Proper Waste Management

The trash bin is often the most visited by pests and other animals because it can sometimes smell and would have scraps of food that are still edible for them. So, having the trash bin exposed outside your remote home can be quite a problem, as you will get regular visits from wild animals because of it. To avoid this problem, you should put garbage inside airtight plastic bags so that animals won’t smell what’s inside those bags. In addition, the trash bin should also have a sturdy lock so that pests won’t be able to open it easily.

Make Noise or Play Music

Besides fire, noise is also a great repellent since most animals often stay away from noisy places since they think that these areas are filled with plenty of people. Whenever a campsite or remote home is quiet, pests and other animals would think that nobody is around, so they also think that they are free to do whatever they want. To make some noise in your remote home, you can play some music through speakers. The sound doesn’t really have to be loud, but its volume should allow it to be heard a little bit outside the house. In addition to music, you can also listen to radio stations or podcasts, as conversations between people can also trick animals into thinking that there are still people that are awake. Moreover, keep some lights of your home open since the light is also a trick to make pests think that you are still up in the middle of the night.

Clean the Remote Home and the Area Surrounding It Regularly

remote home

Whenever we are eating outside and inside the remote home, there will be instances where food crumbs will fall off our plates. These food crumbs would then attract animals into your area. To prevent these food crumbs from attracting pests, it would be best to clean them up regularly and put them in a proper trash bin. In addition to getting rid of food crumbs, a clean remote home would also prevent critters from living inside walls and other parts of the house. You should clean the house at least once a week to maintain its tidiness.

Those are several ways that you can keep wild animals away from a remote home. Getting animals away from your area can be difficult, and some of the methods mentioned above may not even work for a few pests, but through perseverance and hard work, your home will surely be pest-free in just a few weeks. Be sure to follow the tips we have provided above so that you can have faster results in keeping animals away.