Tenvis JPT3815W-HD Wireless Surveillance Camera

So you only got $40 bucks to spend for a home security camera? But just like everybody else you wanna secure your home. Well, the bad news is you’re not going to do that for 40 bucks.

The good news is that there’s something that’ll give a little more security than you already have.

Now, this security camera is not perfect. But, you didn’t expect that for $40 right? It does have its moments though. There are some faults but there’s some special points about it that this article will discuss and maybe it’ll be a match made in heaven. This article talks about the Tenvis JPT3815W-HD Wireless Surveillance Camera, and we’d say that this is a flawed diamond at best.

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Standard set-up for a Wi-Fi device. Go the app and download it. Follow the instructions, then plug in and go.

That’s about it. Depending on the strength of your signal, the time you have to wait for Wi-Fi recognition will vary,


One of the good things about this camera is the build quality. It looks and feels strong, and it doesn’t look flimsy. It actually looks more expensive than it is and that’s never a bad thing.

It’s easy to place down because of the large bottom but this also makes it hard to knock over. It’s sturdy and durable. This might be a huge design triumph for the price.

Pans and tilts?

Yes it does. But not in the way many other Camera’s do. This thing pans like it’s the life of the party.

It goes so quickly that you can’t really see anything. It does pan 340 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically, but it’s hard to control and becomes annoying the more you try to use it. This is likely to be the result of a software problem.

2-way audio

This system has a 2-way audio. Just go to the app and speak to the house whenever you want to. Folks at the house can speak to you also. Have a conversation with your family and kids over this thing.

But the sound is somewhat muffled and distorted. You can still hear it without listening too hard though. So the 2-way audio is there. It’s just “Okay” instead of “Great.” But considering it is priced at only $40, you really can’t complain on this one.

The app

The app supports all mobile devices so there’s easy access. You can also go in there and view live footage from the house no matter where you are. The problem is that it’s just so difficult to navigate.

The app tends to be slow and so very time-consuming. The interface isn’t very user-friendly. It’s going to take a long period before you work out how to do everything on it and even then you still have to put up with the slowness. You can also pan and tilt from the app, but as I mentioned before, it pans too fast.


The picture is good. They’ve been honest and marked the resolution accurately. I see a lot of manufacturers mark up the definition to 1080p when it’s actually more like 720p.

But here they’ve come right out and said it’s 720p.

And you also get 30 frames per second of action, which is pretty darn good at the price. The lens is 3.6mm and you a wide angle covering a whole room. I was very happy with the picture. In fact it’s one of the best pictures I’ve seen at this price.

Night vision

You only get 10 LED’s so the night vision is not very bright. You’re not seeing anything there. Certainly not as much as in the day But, it’s much better night vision than you get on most cameras at this price. You get around 10 meters of semi-visibility.

Motion Detection

This is fair but not great. Great is $200 bucks though, and you got $40. You’ll get a few false alarms because it’s a passive detector so doesn’t detect body heat. But almost unheard-of at this price, you do get image alerts. Image alerts help you understand immediately whether motion that has been detected is something you need to worry about or something like the family pet walking by. You’ll get a text with a picture of the exact moment when the alarm went off.


The bottom line folks is that if you only got about $40 in the world, then this is a product that will better secure your home. But, if you do have a little more money, then you could do a hell of a lot better. If you’re sitting there with $40 though you get an outstanding picture for the price.

720p and it is genuinely 720p HD. There’s also a good frame rate for the money.

The night vision isn’t very bright, but it is there. On most cameras starting at this price, you won’t get night vision at all. You have to be realistic and for $40, the Tenvis is overall good.