Tekvision AHD 720P Waterproof Outdoor single pack HD Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera

Securing your home can be and often is a life and death situation. It can mean the difference between your family’s safety, and someone in your family getting hurt.

So if a product doesn’t cut it then you might have real problems with some nasty people. So do not buy something that’s cheap and substandard because they won’t be able to offer you and your family real protection. This article checks out the Tekvision AHD 720P Waterproof Outdoor single pack HD Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera. Do not buy this under any circumstances.

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Why shouldn’t you buy it?


The set-up starts out good but goes downhill from there. First, the good part. The set-up of this camera is incredibly easy. You just put it on the ceiling with three screws. You will only need very small holes so it’s no big installation. Anyone can do this.

Once you’ve fitted the camera in position, you adjust the camera until it’s facing what you want to see. If you want to put them outdoors you do the same thing except you’ll be fixing it to a wall. The set up takes about 15 minutes.

IP66 Weatherproof

The other good thing about it is the weather rating. This is the standard weather rating for home security camera’s and it means it has had 100 liters of water thrown at it per minute for three minutes. So it’ll do fine in any rain shower.

This Camera is also good in temperatures between 14 Fahrenheit and 122 Fahrenheit.

So, it’ll be unaffected by weather in practically all parts of the United States. The claim that it has thunder and lightening protection though is crazy. If this is hit by a lightening bolt you’ll be picking up a thousand pieces from the floor.

Are you sure this thing isn’t a great deal?

Anyone can understand the temptation. You must be looking at the price tag of under $20 and thinking it’s a steal? The picture just isn’t  720p as they advertised. It’s not even close.

There is a 110 degree viewing angle from a 3.6mm lens so you get to see a lot, but it’s grainy and looks grey most of the time.

It looks more like a WXGA resolution and you certainly won’t be picking out the details of a human beings face using this. You will be able to see who it is on camera if you know them, but you’d hate to be handing over these images to the police as they try to identify who was in your home.

DVR issue

Many people who purchased this have been buying DVR’s too because it doesn’t come with one. Unfortunately it only takes a 720p, 1080N or 1080P DVR, so people who bought any other type have been having issues.

If you can’t find one of these types of DVR, then you can link this thing up to your TV or any monitor with the BNC connector included with the unit. But, then you got another wire in the house. Purchases should be simple and this one isn’t.

Check out the night vision claim too

They said it was 100 feet. It certainly is not. It’s grainy, distorted and weak like the LED’s are busted out.

There’s supposed to be 24 super-performance LED’s but they definitely don’t perform. Maybe if you got 2 feet you’re doing well.

Does it send me an alarm notifications?

It doesn’t. It’s a CCTV Camera so it’s designed to watch but not alert you it anything untoward is happening. So I wouldn’t recommend it on this basis for home security.

You really want to be able to go away from home safe in the assurance that you’ll know if anything goes on while you’re not there.

Once you get home, provided you’ve bought the right DVR and provided you’ve also bought a hard drive, you can view live and recorded images on the app. But, as mentioned earlier, the images aren’t very good even in the day time.

The verdict

It’s a very cheap price and if this was 720p then I’d be recommending it. It just isn’t 720p and the images are really quite bad especially in the night. It is IP66 Weatherproof and it has somewhat of an easy set-up but this doesn’t make up for the pictures. It has no motion alerts and alarm notificatons either.