Stalwart Electronic Deluxe Steel Safe

You want your safe to be your last line of defense. It’s where you’re keeping all your most valued possessions. And that might mean items that cost a lot of money, or items you just love or are important to you that you wouldn’t want to lose. So which safe do you choose? There are as many good safes on the market as there are bad ones.

Unfortunately manufactures talk up even the worst safes to fool some people into buying them.

The result is that you think you’re securing your most treasured items, when you’re actually giving burglars an easy shot at taking them. This particular one is the Stalwart Electronic Deluxe Steel Safe. You shouldn’t buy it. Why? Find it out:

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This safe costs about $30, but…

It doesn’t meet the minimum standard of build that is needed to even call something a safe.

And if what you’re buying isn’t a safe, then it’s just a box right?

You got plenty of boxes already. Even in this price-range you can get better safes than this


This safe weighs 7.3 pounds. It may be made of steel but it’s not the whole of it, and there’s certainly not enough for it to be strong.

Thickness of the walls

The walls are 0.059 inches thick. Even kids could break this safe open. You wouldn’t pay nearly $30 for a box.


Size doesn’t always matter. But, in the case of safes, size almost always matters. This safe measures 8.9 niches by 4.7 inches by 6.6 inches so it’s real small. Some people may love small and in safes that’s kind of true, as they only have a few treasured possessions.

But when you take the size and put it with the weight and add to that the thickness of the steel, we got real problems. It is not strong, nor is it thick, so it’s not good quality. It’s easy to break into, and easy to be bashed open.

The door issue

There’s a clear design error here. People who have tried the safe have been complaining that the door gets stuck. They’ve been wondering why that is. Well, we have the answer. There are two bolts that lock this thing up. But the mechanism by which the bolts are pushed out to lock and in to open, is unreliable. As you use it, it’ll do one of two things:

  • The bolts will get lodged in place, preventing you from opening the door.
  • The bolts will get lodged in place, inside the door preventing you from shutting it.

Either way, you might have a non operational safe pretty soon.

Coded lock

When you wake up in the middle of the night and you’re being burgled, you do not want to have to remember a code. Not in that stressful situation. For that reason some people don’t like the coded lock and would prefer the biometric one.

Even people who have a great memory might get stuck on a number or two when someone who may be armed is in the house.

While it’s not saying that coded locks are horribly bad, all the other issues like the door issue and then the coded lock don’t make a good combination (pardon the pun).


There’s just not a whole lot that’s right about this safe. The price might be the only thing it has going for it. It’s around about $30 and that’s great. Except that it’s a box, only with a coded lock. And, it won’t stop a thief much more than a box would. At 7.3 pounds it’s too light to be made of good steel. What you get is low grade weak steel that’s very thin.