SkyBell HD Silver Wi-fi Video Doorbell Review Article




In communities where you feel less safe, a mere locked door and a doorbell are no longer enough. So one of the first things you can do is to have a peephole in your front door, which will let you have a peek at who is calling outside your door before you open it.

These peepholes made us more secure. The SkyBell HD Silver Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is a modern day version of peepholes and doorbells, and products like this are becoming more and more popular. They’re clever too, allowing you not just to see, but to record, and view from all over the world.

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  • Great picture 1080p
  • Very few distortions
  • OK speakers
  • Nice design
  • Easy set-up
  • Pretty good motion sensor
  • Mobile connectivity


  • Self monitored
  • Prone to false alarms

Setting it up

These things need to be easy to set-up because that was the standard set by the earliest models. Nobody wants to hire a professional to install a doorbell and they don’t want to spend that much time on it themselves.

Luckily, the SkyBell is easy to set up. First you place it next to your door where the old Doorbell was, and then download their app. Once you have done all these things, your phone, computer, laptop or tablet should recognize the device and you’re done. You’re good to go.


The pictures are great. There may be some problems in other areas but other than that, you can’t really complain about the pictures. They were full HD 1080p and you can see real detail here.

There’s even night vision too which turns automatically, so no matter what the time of day you get a knock on the door, you’ll always be able to see.

There are no distortions of any kind including rainbow effects in normal mode. so overall the pictures are really good.

Mobile access

Whenever someone knocks at your door you’ll immediately be sent a video of what’s going on outside live — whether you are inside or even outside the house. You could be having a holiday in the Caribbean and you’d get a live video of whoever is standing outside of your door. You’ll also have the opportunity to record any of these videos which you will want to do if you think anything untoward is going on.

You can even set the device to record and store so you can watch all the videos later.

Another thing is that you can set the system to alert and record even if the doorbell isn’t pressed. The downside of all this good stuff is that it is self-monitored so you don’t get a security team calling the police in event of a robbery and looking at the videos for you. You’ll need to take action yourself here.

However, the great thing about using this SkyBell is that there’s also no monthly fee. But if you prefer paying a monthly fee for the peace of mind of a private security team then you have the option not to buy this gadget.


The big surprise you’ll be getting from SkyBell doorbell is the zoom. You get 5x zoom which is unusual on a system for this price. I should however tell you that zooming out to maximum can produce some grainy images, and this factor increases as the image becomes more intricate.

Motion detection

The motion detector here has some great points and some bad ones. First of all it’s a passive detector, which means it doesn’t actively seek out and detect body heat. Instead, it waits for movement to enter its grid and sounds an alarm triggering a video to be sent to you. The good news is that nothing gets over on this motion detector feature so you’ll always get a video.

Now the bad news: it’s prone to create false alarms caused by cars going by, or birds flying, so you might get 10 videos a day of stuff you don’t want to be bothered with.

If you’re using iOS then this isn’t a problem because you can adjust the motion detector, and prevent those false alarms. Unfortunately though, Android users are stuck with them because that particular feature hasn’t made it to Android yet. So Android users should ask themselves if they care about getting false alarms. If not, then maybe you got a deal here.


The speakers give reasonably good sound, and dialogue can be heard easily. Perhaps the volume should be turned up a bit because they can be pretty quiet.


The pictures are beautiful in their detail and offer customers videos with as much clarity as they’d get with their TV, but on a smaller screen. The mobile connectivity is also excellent and you’ll be sent a video every time someone even approaches the door. They don’t have to knock to be caught on camera. You get good record options as well.

The SkyBell allows you to record anytime someone comes calling and store the video’s for free to watch later. It is self-monitored and the motion detection is prone to false alarms. For Android users, they need to think if they care about having false alarms.

The zoom feature is rather unexpected on a system at this price, although at a maximum level expect some grainy images.