SANNCHE 8CH AHD 1080N Home Security Camera System Article

The idea of systems like the SANNCE 8CH AHD 1080N Home Security Camera is pretty simple. Get a DVR (sometimes DVR’s have hard drives, some do not), then get the cameras too. Position them all around your house and voila, you’ve got a complete home protection!

There are a few that are good, but there are many that aren’t that good, but you can see tons of them on the market so you are faced with lots of choices. They’re the easy option because it means you have to go through sopping for separate home security components.

These home security camera systems have everything you need. However, their success depends on what they do. This article reviews the SANNCHE 8CH AHD 1080N Home Security Camera System, and tries to break down some tech-speak used by SANNCE in their online description of the product as well.

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  • Easy set-up
  • 720p
  • Compressed data
  • 8 cameras (good value for money)
  • 1 TB hard drive
  • No monthly fee
  • IP66 weatherproof


  • Night vision is more like 30 feet than 85 feet
  • Self-monitored

Setting it up

How easy or difficult the set-up is going to be will depend on your needs.

For example: if you have a large piece of land and you want to place all the cameras quite far away from the house then you’ll need to buy a coaxial cable, which you have to buy separately.

But if you’re placing the cameras close to the house, like within 60 feet, then you don’t need anything extra and you can start the installation right away. Position the camera in certain places of your house that you like, put down the DVR, and that’s it! You’re good to go. The DVR will do the rest for you.

The “TVL 1280”: what is it?

Many of you might probably be asking yourselves, “What is TVL?” Most of people who have never had surveillance equipment before might be puzzle when they see it.

“TVL” stands for “Television Lines” and it’s a different rating system. Sometimes manufacturers quote you in TVL so that they can make wholly inaccurate claims about how good the picture is. But SANNCE to their credit has been honest. They’ve also quoted you the HD rating which is 720p. It’s pretty good, but if you are looking for 1080p then this is not for you. But 720P will record clear images with full facial recognition so you won’t be stuck trying to figure out if a man or a cat is coming towards your turf. Users will be satisfied by the images.

The cameras

In this system, you will get all eight cameras. But do you need that many? Maybe if you have a vast piece of property. If not, then go for a lower-priced four-camera system.

They’re all fixed bullet cameras with the 720p rating that has been previously mentioned about. The lenses are wide angle so you will get a lot of coverage with each one. Although the manufacturer has claimed an 85-feet night vision scope, it feels like it’s 30 feet of perfect night vision and plain OK vision beyond that. 30 feet is still pretty good though and it’s more night vision than you get on many systems.

There’s also the motion sensor included and if movement is detected inside the house then you’ll be messaged immediately with an alert.

So you know what it means, right? This system is self-monitored. If a break-in happens when you’re not home, you’ll have to act upon the alert when you receive it by calling the police. The police won’t be called for you, but the advantages is that you also don’t have to pay monthly costs for a security company to monitor the system for you.

1 TB Hard Drive

It’s great, but you won’t probably need this. They’ve really pushed out the space here so far to unrealistic proportions. Considering the fact that most people will use around 100 GB every 3 days, they’ve given you enough space to record and keep 30 full days of footage. Maybe some of you folks would like to keep recorded footage stretching back 30 days but most people don’t. It’s a HUGE hard drive for the money making this system an amazing value when you add in the eight cameras and the 720p though. But you have to question the logic. Could they have given you a 500 GB hard drive and lowered the price by about $30?

Remote viewing and recording

This model doubles as a NVR, which stands for Network Video Recorder and it means information is processed at the Camera. Whereas in a DVR information is processed at the DVR itself.

The advantage of having NVR is that footage is compressed allowing for it to take up less space without compromising quality. You can create a network yourself by getting the app and logging in.

Once you logged in there, you get to view live footage or recorded footage, no matter where you are in the world. All you need is the Internet, and a device like a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can do fast-forward and rewind too. It gives you an extra piece of mind.

These types of motion detectors are prone to false alarms though because they aren’t duel technology. That means they’ll will go off when movement alone is detected. So the family dog could set it off. However, having the mobile viewing capabilities means you can assess the validity of an alarm by going online and having a look at whats going on live at the house. You can also set the recorder to only record when motion is detected. Nobody likes going through days of footage where nothing happens.

IP66 weatherproof

People will be also confused when they see the term “IP66 weatherproof” So, does it mean can it withstand all sorts of weather? The answer is no, unfortunately. These types of cameras would easily get swept away when there’s a hurricane.

Instead, the correct term should be ‘rainproof’ because that’s what we are talking about. That’s what these IP certifications measure. IP66-rated technology can withstand about 100 liters of rain per minute, which means these will be perfectly fine in any rain shower.

The verdict?

Some people like self-monitored systems, others don’t. So if you want that extra peace of mind of a private security firm calling the police for you then this is not for you. It’s also not for you if you love wireless. There are cables here, although the installation is pretty simple.

You can’t argue with the price though. It’s around $250 and you get a 1 TB hard drive, eight 720p cameras, a motion sensor, a DVR/NVR and mobile viewing/recording. That’s a super big deal for your money.

However, you will most likely question the logic behind the design. There’s the NVR where you’ll get compressed data, which means recordings will now take up less space without compromising their quality. So why would you need the 1 TB hard drive, then? People will still appreciate the large storage — take note that it is priced at $250 so it’s a great value. But it would have made more sense to bring the price a bit lower and provide a 500 GB hard drive instead of the 1 TB hard drive.