KAREye 1080N 16CH Video Security System 8 Bullet Article

KAREye 1080N 16CH Video Security System

We all have different lives, with different houses and different needs. So the right camera system is usually the one that’s best for you and your home security system requirements. This article will show you how the KAREye 1080N 16CH Video Security System 8 Bullet works and how good (and also bad) it can be.

You’ll be able to picture the system at your home doing what it does, and then you’ll be able to assess whether it’s a perfect fit, or a square peg in a round hole. If you don’t like it, then take a look at some of the other home security system reviews on this website and hopefully, it will help you find the perfect system for you.

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  • 8 cameras
  • 60ft cables
  • 1080p
  • Motion detection
  • Comes with mouse
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Mobile connectivity
  • PTZ connections


  • Self-monitored
  • A little noisy

The set-up

The set-up is quite easy but it does take a little longer compared to some other systems.

When you turn on the DVR, the first thing you’ll see are time/date and name requests, which you fill in. Then go to App Store or Google Play to download the app. Once you’ve done this the next thing is to put in the serial number of your DVR. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to view footage and record from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet. You’ve created your very own personal network. Finally the system will go through a process of recognizing all the cameras and then you’re done.

The set up may take some time, but make sure you get it right.

Eight cameras

Customers will surely like the cameras a lot. You will even be able to configure each of the cameras individually, which is cool.

For example: if you have one in a less bright place at the back of the house then you can turn up the brightness without affecting the other cameras. You can also adjust the contrast, the saturation and numerous other calibration options.

The idea is that you could get each one to function perfectly in its place, and you will definitely love this feature.

The cameras all 1080p too so you will be happy with the pictures as they appear very clear. You don’t get any distortions either. The images turn out to be of good quality with great detail, as you’d expect from a system in this price range.

Perhaps the only downside of the pictures here is that the cameras run at 15 frames per second. So on rare occasions fast moving things can slip between frames. But that’s not a big deal though, because your burglar would have to be Usain Bolt to go undetected.

Night Vision

There’s 36 LED’s and these turn on automatically so there’s no need to manually adjust. The range on the night vision is 100 feet and this is the upper limits of what you can get for below $500.


The DVR comes with 16 channels. This is important because although you only get eight cameras taking up 8 channels, there’s room for expansion here. You have the other eight channels to play with. So maybe you have cameras from a previous system you want to link up. You can link up to eight more cameras if you want.

They had expansion in mind when doing the design because they’ve also included 2 PTZ slots on the DVR. So if you have a PTZ camera then it’ll work fine with this system. From these expansion options you also get the ability to record 24 hours a day or when motion is detected.

You can even set a certain area you want the recordings to focus on when motion is detected. This last feature is very advanced and you will most likely be impressed with this. Perhaps the only one downer about the DVR is its unreasonable noise levels. So maybe you should hide it in a storage cupboard to tone down the noise, or else all of you will hear it buzzing.

Hard drive

This DVR includes a 1 TB hard drive, which enables you to record 24 hours a day for 25 days straight without ever pausing or having to delete.

Whilst the hard drive is not encrypted, the network is, so you get standard security here on this device. The hard drive can even be expanded to 4 TB just in case you want to store more recordings.

Some extras

Unlike in many home security systems, KAREye includes a mouse, which makes operation of the DVR a bit easier. In fact, the mouse turns out to be very helpful especially during the set-up. If you have a wireless mouse, they don’t work with this system though. If you want to view live from somewhere far away from the home, you have lots of options.

The system is compatible with iOS and Android devices and it will connect directly to almost any computer, laptop or tablet. You get eight 60-foot cables which most people won’t need, except if you live in bigger home and have a big yard.

Each camera has a motion sensor on it and if motion is detected you’ll get an email or text from the app.


The biggest drawback about the KAREye system is the noise, which is at a bit louder than on most other systems.

Also this is a self-monitored system so you have to call the police yourself.

But the one of this system’s advantages is that there’s no monthly fees and you get lots of great and cool stuff which include 1080p pictures, eight cameras, eight motion sensors, 1 TB hard drive and the ability to calibrate each of the cameras individually.  However, the frame rate is 15 FPS, but that’s a minor issue. It is otherwise compensated by 100 feet of vision, excellent night vision, and some great mobile connectivity.

Also, there’s a great deal of expansion here; the options are endless: add more cameras, add more hard drive space. You can even choose to have some new motion detectors if you want.